>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 different kinds of Alzheimer's patients from different types of blood races.Changing attitudes in every minute and doing things which is not acceptable if they are a normal person. My experiences to all of these three types of human beings that out of control and became the victims of such diseases.

First time I went abroad ,first time on the plane,first time to see other human faces and races.I started without knowing any single word on their languages and no work experiences like this.The old man was 97 years old ,totally a bedridden patient.Wife of him was an Alzheimer patient that don't know nothing what is right and wrong.We slept together in one room.It doesn't bother to me and even in the garage I can sleep.One night came with a big surprised to me. I was awaken with an old woman shouting of somebody was coming to kill us.She was packing everything from the closet.Everything was on the floor packed with the thickest blanket I've ever seen.I was nervous rushed to the door and windows to checked if it is tightly closed.We are far from neighbors and very far from the city. I watched her the whole night then I thought and put to my mind "this is what they called an Alzheimer disease victim".

SECOND was in a couple of both disabled.The old man was a wheelchair bound patients but in his smart mind.Very good and loving patient.The wife was an Alzheimer patient for long period of time.The one thing she asked everyday and every minute was 1 cigarette and please send me home.As I gave a stick of cigarette she will sit down and smoke.It needs to watch that might burn the linens.If asked of going out ,just open the door and without any step forward she wants to go back inside again.

THIRD and last patient was a professor as all visitors said,a high school teacher as the children said and a daughter of former judge of BAGHDAD during midyear of 1940's.
Everyday when she woke with the English word GOOD MORNING that means we use an English language the whole day.Next day she woke up with greetings the word of BOKER TOV it means we are on Israel using Hebrew until the end of the day.If the day started with Arab dialects I need to open the middle east channel on tv set and put her in front of it with all the food and beverages.

All of the above are works that I rendered to them.Daily routine within it and everything that I can do in 24 hours duty as a private caregiver.A full time hard work and an emotional moments of caregivers diary to an elderly patients.In more than 4 consecutive years working them I survive it all with a useful experiences.


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