>> Friday, October 31, 2008

in almost part of the world, November 01 is always celebrating this day as a memorial day of all our love ones who passed away, but in my views i need to celebrate this day as a memory of not just for a love ones but for all my hero's, while we have in the Phil's the exact date of our national hero's day,its the last SUNDAY of AUGUST of every year ,here.. were commemorating our national heroes who fought the liberation's of the REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES ,as we understood that we can call it HEROES when they are all dead already,but now our government includes we..the OFW's are also called as HEROES but we still alive and kicking . goodah!1.

Here in ISRAEL is something different that I've observed,they commemorating their FALLEN soldiers during their INDEPENDENCE day,first with hearing the ALARM all over the nation then they started the program after the sunset by offering flowers ,lighting candles,some prayers,and songs .its not in the cemetery they held but they have one corner on its village ,like here in kibbutz mishmar hasharon,where they were gathered together usually all the family members, friends and relatives if there's still around.its a very solemn program and its nice to observed something new in my eyesight.for me without asking anyone here they put together the independence day and memorial of their fallen soldiers and relatives,the old and new one.they dont go to any cemetery where those heroes was . its my 3rd nov 01 here in this place but i did'nt feel any preparations of what we called "ALL SAINT's DAY".

I also observed one of our nieghbor that her son (twin sister is still alive) was died by accident inside the house,they went to the cemetery during the death anniversary ,offering flowers ,candles and prayers together with their friends and relatives that something reminds me of a christian believers as they did, nov 01 is desame without any celebrations as i called it.

but here in my employer we always went to the cemetery anytime she want beacuse were just 300m or less maybe, away from were we are staying or sometimes if theres holidays we went there putting flowers ,im cleaning and watering around ,it is also like a cemetery in our country
that we can saw the names written there ,date of birth and death , all was well organized with clean sorroundings,i dont see what we called PRIVATE cementery as i went to four locations of cemeteries here ,very nice locations , i mean its defferent that i've ever seen.

and me here as far away from home ,i bought and prepared flowers to put on my employer's husband's place in replacing to my mind of my fathers death,he just passed away last jan 27,2008,just 10 months ago but i could not afford to go home again this important day due to financial reasons,i also lights candles there and pray for both of them to rest in peace,and.......
of course the only thing i can do is to CRY... alone.

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