Google adsense payment checque is not good in my location

>> Monday, November 09, 2009

Hello everyone.....

I was so frustrated for my adsense payments that until now I've never been changed it to become real money/dollar that my fingers could hold it on then go shopping.NEVER! come true.

In my view, the Google adsense payment checque is not good in my location. Last few weeks I went to the post office Natanya branch but they said it should be on the bank transaction. I was not convince on that because I knew that was there I need to go. I went again on same branch the next Sunday day off but still they pass it on to 3-4 persons then said to go to the bank. It's so hard here to find a truly public servant , I understand the culture which is heaven and earth different from my country in terms of public service.So , the next Sunday I went too early before the bank scheduled opening hours. No one assisted me because the one who was in-charged was not on duty that some told me to go back the next day which is Monday .I cannot go out on my work place in any days of the week excepting Sundays and that is my day off. In my eagerness to exchanged it I approach one in middle cubicle table.I was shocked how she acted on me but then I've always calm down . I felt what they have on their minds , I'm just caregiver.But suddenly one female came in then talked to me on a bit nice way and here I need to do for the adsense checque to exchanged.

****** I need to open a bank dollar account that is an EXTENSION BANK ACCOUNT to where I am working(employer).******This is the impossible things and will not happen what ever it takes. Funny but I was shocked after hearing it.

****** Then I need to deposit the checque and wait for a certain days to widraw it.****My goodness ! in just one hundred dollar I have a headache to go back and port to where I need to exchanged it? I'm sure if ever I get that 100$ I have already spend 200$ for medicines and taxi fares. 

So , I decided to just kept on my wallet the Google adsense  cheque for remembrance .

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