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In care giving,mediator is the person who helps and work between caregiver and elderly.Based on my experiences,these are the people behind the elderly who acts like a best friend, a family members,a social workers that explains and motivates both elderly and the caregivers. Mediators intervenes disputes between caregivers and the patients especially an elderly.Sometimes including the family members that has over concerned or a demanding kind of family members that always forget of having equalities to a caregiver .As we defined care giving,it is a person who extends their love and care to an elderly without any expense of disturbances in their daily life routine.As a caregiver to an elderly,i should say that how hard the work will be, if the family members understands both the elder and caregivers , maybe we don't need extra mediators here.

I got this email about a mediators and care giving from one of a radio blog.The guest speaker was citing his friends experiences to their mother.After listening it comes out to my mind of what i heard from other workers and some in my own experiences.I could say that these are usually the problems of children if they really don't understands of what we called AGING PROCESS and ACCEPTING THE TRUTH. Not just in meaning but in actual status .If one of them notice the changes in mood and something different in movements,the way she talks and any extra irregularities in attitudes from their mother,we don't need to ask or confront her.We need to observe and record if possible her daily activities.If it is more than to a usual , it needs to bring to the specialist whether she likes it or not.This is the time that we need to prepare and expect the situation to get worse.By this point the childrens conflicts starts especially during the first stage of patients conditions. So we need mediators here because it hurts to the family members that they cannot do it alone.It takes a long period of time to have findings on what is the illness or what she's suffering about.It has a lot of painstaking until the end eventhough they will hire a private caregivers.




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EXPERIENCED WORKERS WORDS ARE TRUE and NOT ALL WRITTEN ON THE BOOKS ARE TRUE.Based in my experienced since i arrived here these tips are all true.Not in one patients/employer but for all workers in each employer as they told.All my work experienced are patients suffering from an Alzheimer's diseases,a strong and dangerous patients I've ever had.Now the latest was diagnosed or what they called it a depressive disorder. Written below are the best technique or strategy to deal with any types of patients cases.

--------Offer visual help: To recall your patients memory, offer assistance like picture labels or pointing.
--------Be helpful: If your patient is having trouble placing a word or thought, gently suggest or try to provide what they're looking for.
-------Walk them through it: Instead of telling a person with memory loss what to do, you should show them specifically how to do it and even have them practice.
-------Provide lots of reminders: Remind your patient about events that are coming up.
-------Speak clearly: When talking to your patient, speak in slow, even tones with purpose so that you're easy to understand.
-------Speak only as loudly as you need to: Don't speak louder than you really need to, or you may insult your patient and make them frustrated.
-------Give them time: Give your patient ample time to formulate a response and don't interrupt.
--------Speak slowly: Don't rush through your words, or your patient may get overwhelmed by listening to you.
-------Talk about one thing at a time: Don't confuse your patient by changing conversations rapidly. Break up topics and alert them to conversation changes.
--------Use their name: Your patient should respond to their name, so use it before talking to get their attention.
--------Ensure that needs are met: Your patient will communicate best when their needs like rest, hunger and exercise have been taken care of.
--------Choose a quiet place: Avoid environments with lots of noise so that even hard of hearing patients or those that get distracted won't have trouble hearing you.
--------Ask if it's a good time to talk: Your patient may not be in the mood to carry on a conversation, so always ask if they're ready to have a discussion.
--------Avoid distractions: Communicate in a location that doesn't have a lot of distractions like television or pets so that you won't have to compete for attention.
--------Keep eye contact: Maintain eye contact with your patient so that they know you're speaking specifically to them.
--------Offer encouragement: Say things like, "I understand," or "Tell me more."
--------Gently touch their arm or shoulder: Get their attention with a soft touch, and speak to them when they look at you.
--------Always be aware of your own nonverbal cues: Your voice and body language will go a long way in your communication, so be sure that they're saying what you really mean.
--------Use hand signals: If your patient is hard of hearing, supplement your words with simple hand signals.
--------Maintain a comfortable distance: Although care giving may have you in close contact often, it's not always comfortable to communicate in close quarters, so keep your distance.
--------Write out words: If your patient can't understand what you're saying, try writing it out to make things clearer.
--------Take a deep breath: Try deep breathing to relax before a conversation
and take deep breaths to calm down if the discussion turns difficult.
--------Always acknowledge your patient: Don't talk about your patient with others as if they're not there. Bring them into the conversation so that they can be involved as well.
-------Treat the patient as an adult: Always ask the patient to do something instead of telling them.
-------Be responsive: When your patient wants to talk, listen, and pay attention to nonverbal cues.
-------Listen: Carefully listen to what your patient is saying instead of quickly moving on to the next topic.
------Avoid arguing: Remember that your patients needs are the primary concern, and instead of arguing, focus on meeting needs.
------Acknowledge feelings:It's important that you acknowledge the feelings of your patient so that they have someone to talk to and don't feel alone.
------Pay attention to behavior: Consider whether your patients words and behavior seem to match, or if they have something else they'd really like to say.
------Be friendly: Laugh and use humor whenever it's appropriate to relieve tension and enjoy conversing with each other.
------Ask questions: Don't hesitate to ask a follow up question if thing not clear to you.
------Stay organized: As a caregiver, it's your responsibility to ensure that your patient's needs are carefully handled, so make sure that you have all of the information at hand when working with others.
------Ensure that the doctor knows what you're doing: Don't let the doctor talk to your patient and leave you out of the loop. Ask to be told about instructions and important details
------Be patient: Dealing with doctors, insurance, and other patient needs can be trying, but it's important for their sake that you remain calm.
------Take time with decisions: Don't feel pressured into making on-the-spot decisions if you don't have to. Take the time to discuss it with your patient and the family first.
------Find out all of your doctor's details: Gather information about office hours, medical emergencies, after hours care, and alternative practitioners..
------Do your research: Learn everything you can about your patient's condition so that you can make good decisions about their care and be able to discuss it with them.
------Be persistent: Don't give up just because getting through is difficult. Remember that the health of another person is in your hands.
------Take notes: List some important things especially when discussing with the doctor .
------Be honest: Don't keep important information to yourself just because it's embarrassing. Discuss incontinence, emotional outbursts, and other issues if they come up.
------Be clear and specific: don't assume that others know what you want or need, tell them directly what you need.
------Be sure you completely understand: Be absolutely sure that you understand what you've discussed by asking for clarification.
------Talk openly about concerns: When talking with family members, don't shy away from topics of worry and fear. They need to be addressed, and will always come up eventually.
------Make calls at a good time: During rest hour ,no phone calls to reieved
------Keep the doctor in the loop: Make sure that your patients doctor is well informed about complications like fever, drainage, and bleeding.
------Don't gossip:Talking with someone in front of the patients is not good as they thought that you are sharing information about thier privacy and secrets.
------Establish a relationship:Be frriendly to other worker who is also working with your patients.
-----Always ask questions about new medicine: Find out how long you should give the medicine for, how it should be administered, and other important details.



I am thankful first to the LORD and to everyone here.This is my first TAG received,thank you also to rechie that always visiting my site and shared this PRECIOUS GIFT TAG. I am sharing this to ruth,Grace and maxi. GOD BLISS U ALL!.

Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire,
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you don’t know something,
For it gives you the opportunity to learn.
Be thankful for the difficult times
During those times you grow.
Be thankful for your limitations
Because they give you opportunities for improvement.
Be thankful for each new challenge.
Because it will build your strength and character.
Be thankful for your mistakes
They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you’re tired and weary.
Because it means you’ve made a difference.
GRATITUDE can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles and they can become your blessings.



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JHING CARANDANG is become my best friend when i came to this village to work.She's ahead of me for few years here together with other pilipino workers. Still single but supporting her beloved mother since her father was died.A love of all nieces and nephews as she is the only one supporting them for their studies.A loving sister to her brothers and sisters that always there helping in time of crisis.A good friend of mine here in ISRAEL that I've ever found.Our employers was also the best of friends since they are young girls.Both of them born in WARSAW,POLAND.Her employer migrated ISRAEL in 1933 and mine was in 1935.Here in our workplace,we are happily working with elderly as so the managing office was good for giving us all the benefits that is according to the law.She is the one who cooked our food .Sometimes i just buying some ingredients or we're together during our day off to go the public market in the city.These are some of the menu.

i attended a birthday party last saturday night and this is the one i ate."SUMAN" - a glutinous rice half cooked with coconut milk and salt then wrapped with banana leaves.In my hometown they wrapped it with young coconut leaves before steaming or boiling it.Hmmmm....yummy!!



Yesterday i went to the post office in the nearby village.My employer was in the elderly club at that time.This is a small postal service that every village you can find .Sending is very easy and fast if the computer is not hanging.I meet there two BURMESE filing thier account,they opening an account that they used to get thier salary.Theres a lot of foriegn workers recieving that kind of salary procedure.I dont have these kind of process because the childrens of every employer i have was the one who recieved the check ,then they incash it and give it to me .Sometimes i dont understand why some family is making the hard ways to thier caregivers regarding this matter.Most filipinos here have no problem in filing like these because everywhere you go there's always one you can meet .In some areas the clerk was not speaking english.So most of us forced to speak hebrew that sometimes turns to a sign language because its differs in meaning when the accent of its foriegn workers pronounce.In yesterdays incedent , the clerk on her 50's got the hard way to interview because the one who filed was not speaking in hebrew neither in english but accompanied by another friend of him with a few english.There is also a guy on his 30's who brought them but never assisted the two burmese. I heard he spoke to somebody in the cellular phone on an arab dialects, so i dont understand if it is regarding the two.It takes a long time that i have only few minutes needed to get back.I am familiar in that post office and the clerk knew me where i'm working.She took my 2 packages and finished in less than 5minutes maybe.After that i used to ask these men that i know where they came from.I let them write thier names in thier own alphabet but i did take it home because at the back of the papers is there what they wrote in english so that the clerk will understand.A very hard time.I used to ask the interpreter if they finished in schools.He showed his college ring that written in english as he graduated in line of agriculture but i'm not sure if it is.I just send two packages and some i brought back home.I cannot stay more minutes because i need to pick up my employer from the club.



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Again,this morning we went to the city, my employer need to have an X-ray that we need the result on Dec.15,2008.We have an appointment to the family doctor,a consultation of 2 or 3 times a year that we always did.Checking all medicines and some adjustments of hourly schedule of all those pills, reporting the summary of all reports in between months to other doctors consultation.We need to bring the results of X-ray,blood test and its chemistry,list of old and new medicines if there is. I also monitoring the weights every 15 days if it is going higher or lower.After all we discussed,we always brought home a good and final results of "everything is fine".

Yesterday, we went also to a nearby medical clinic here in the vicinity for her blood test.An early morning preparations that always irritates an elderly.An early wake up calls,need to change clothes a little bit faster than usual, no food intake like breakfast,everything that is not good to her and changes her mood but we don't have choice. We need to do it by rules or by itself of blood testing for an accurate results.


YOU must be ready and make an instant decision in case of emergency
DAILY reports to all concerned if there is changes in every day's observation
Perform activities of daily living such as feeding, bathing and dressing.
Manage housework, meals, laundry and groceries.
Administer medication and other health care tasks.
Provide emotional support and companionship.
Consult with health care professionals.
Stand up for patients needs against all odds, including disagreeing with family members and care professionals.
Ensure that others don't take advantage of patient.
Be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Plan activities for people who may not have memory or mobility.
Chart and record key information about patient.
Watch patient deteriorate and/or die.
Be emotionally strong....
Expect the unexpected of things that might happen into your work.


I got a Lemonade Award!

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Miss Juliet from PinayKitPoint gave this award to wolfwood16 then giving it to me!APPRECIATED.

Rules for the Lemonade award:

Put the logo on your blog or post.
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Now I want to pass this Lemonade award to my coolest friends who read and post comments untiringly ....( djan-djarannnn.....)


Ang Sikatchupoy si BURAOT Contest!

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AYAN LINKS ng mga walang magawa at maraming ginagawa para maaliw kayo,f constipated kayo dyan ang dapat nyong puntahan and read lng ,SOLVE na problem nyo. WEN u want naman may pansindak,may kababalaghan ,pumili lng kayo miron ankup na istorya para sa bawat isa sa inyo.

Sa premyo pa lang takaw pansin na. Pwede kang manalo ng cash at libo-libong EC credits. Malay nyo palarin tayong manalo kaya iniimbitahan ko kayong sumali sa contest. Bisitahin nyo lang ang blog site na ito www.

Sino ang pwedeng sumali?
1. Bata, matanda, may ngipin o wala. Girl, boy, bakla, tomboy. Kahit na anong kasarian ka pa, babae, lalake, o di tiyak, kahit pa walang kasarian, pwede rin.
2. Kailangan sempre Pilipino ka, dahil di mo maintindihan ang mga epal dito. Pwede din ang half-half. Half Pilipino, Half Pilipina.
3. Lahat ng may blog. Kung wala ka namang blog, gumawa ka muna. Kaso di ka pa rin uubra dahil may time limit. Ang iyong blog ay kinakailangang hindi manananggal (fly-by-night) na blog. Ibig sabihin hindi pwedeng umistayl na gagawa ka lang ng bagong blog para maisali dito. (lang-magu to-its) Kailangang gumagana na yang blog mo mula pa April 01, 2008.

As op the latest chika, wala ng time limit ang pautot na ito. Kahit pa bagong panganak ang blog mo, pasok ka na.

Kahit pa one thousand syete mil ang blogs mo, pwede mo isali lahat. Basta pasok sa criteria yung blog mo. Mas madami kang blog, mas madami kang chance na manalo ng sandamakmak na pasasalamat. Heheheheh.

Ano ang kelangang gawin para makasali?

1. Kailangang pumili ka ng isa sa mga post o article dito sa site na Anak ni Kulapo na tinginin mo ay nakapagpa-laglag ng panti mo or brief mo kaya, o kaya naman ay nakapagbago ng buhay mo, o kaya naman ay naka-apekto sa yo in a profound way (di ko lam tagalog ng profound), o kaya naman ay nakapagpa-tulo ng sipon mo, o kaya din naman ay super cachupoy sa kakornihan. In short, kahit anong post dito na nakatawag ng pansin mo. Sabihin ang mala impaktong dahilan kung bakit mo napili ito.


“Dear Lolo Buraot, napili ko po ang iyong post na Powder o Lotion dahil nakapagbigay po ito ng patok na ideya para makapag-libang. Oks. Babu. “
2. Ikabit ang link ng nasabing post
3. Bukod sa link ng nasabing post, kailangan mo ding i-mention na sumasali ka sa mala-cachupoy na pakulong ito.
4. Ikabit ang link ng site na ito gamit ang bagong url na
5. Pwede mong lagyan ng kahit na anong title ng post mo. Blaha ka nang mag-imbento. Pagtapos mong mai-post ang iyong entry, mag-iwan ng comment dito, para mai-tally ng mga board of judges. (ako yun)

Ang Premyo? Kelangan ba meron? (AY!ABAW NAMAN NUHH!!?.)

Grand Prize:
1. 3,000 entrecard credits at
2. Pumili ng isa sa mga sumusunod:
a. Three hundred dollars,
b. Tatlong daang dolyares,
c. Tres syentos estados unidos dolyares, o
d. Tatlong plastic balloon (used)

Second Prize:
1. 1, 000 entrecard credits at
2. Pumili sa mga sumusonod:
a. One hundred dollars,
b. One hundred pesos,
c. Isang daang baku-bako, o
d. None op da above

Third Prize:
1. 500 entrecard credits at
2. Pumili sa mga sumusunod:
a. Fifty dollars,
b. Singkwenta pesos,
c. Limampung pirasong sinkong kulot, o
d. Tenkyu mula kay BURAOT

Consolation Prize: (Kita mo naman sa pakontest, me consolation prize pa.)

Ang consolation prize ay mananalo ng $100.00 sa mapipili ni BURAOT na pinakamagandang post. Depende kung anong ganda, pwedeng pinaka-nakakatawa, pinaka-kyut, pinaka-korni at kung anumang post ang makakapag-palaglag ng brief ni BURAOT.

Last date of entry: 11:59 PM, November 30, 2008 PST .(sori, kelangan oras dito sa aking hide-out and susundin)

PPPSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTT.............P.S. lng tuh!.




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CENTIPEDE-A KIND OF SPECIES w/ 36 legs MAKES MY BLOOD PRESSURE HIGHER THAN NORMAL EARLY MORNING TODAY!It was around 4 o'clock in the morning that my eyes almost half open for the whole night hour after hour stand up to assist my employer.After attending all her needs at that time, I went to clean the comfort room.My left hand holding the floor map then I picked up the rags on one corner, suddenly something drop on my feet.I saw centipede!OMG!.Without any second thought I set reversed the stick of a floor map and hit the creature on the head.You can see the picture of broken head centipede.All living creatures especially the dangerous animals all we need is a very quick decision what to do exactly and the important thing is not to panic.To hit them on the head for sure that it will not hit you back .

Porcupine and Hoopoe is always visiting in front of my window and near the doorstep.Sometimes I opened the door there is a porcupine resting near my sleeper outside.So cute but dangerous to touch.As we all know that porcupine hair is like needles and if you touch them they rolled their body or they form like a ball.The head is kept inside for safety, hair are standing so that no one can touch them.
Some species of centipedes can be hazardous to humans because of their venomous bites. Although a bite to an adult human may only be painful, those with allergies that are similar to that of bee stings and small children are at greater risk. Smaller centipedes usually do not puncture human.

PORCUPINE like this is usually found in southeast and central Asia, in parts of the Middle East,Saudi Arabia,Iran and ISRAEL,it has also in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan. They are eating small vertebrate animals,insects and ants.To anybody knows how to handle this kind of species is not dangerous, that's why some people love and includes like their pets around.If they feel that there is harming noise they automatically rolled their bodies and the hairy needles becomes sharp or it stands like erected stick.
The Hoopoe has a pinkish-brown body, striking black and white wings, a long black down curved bill, and a long pinkish-brown crest which it raises when excited.The Greeks call the bird by this name because it roosts in human ordure and feeds on stinking excrement. The filthiest of birds, it is capped with a prominent crest. It lives in burial places amid human ordure.The hoopoe is said to take pleasure in grief, as the sorrow of this world.


Cyber-shot® DSC-T300: I HAVE 1 !! ITS AMAZING!!.

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Being born and grown up in mountainous environment, pictures are so SACRED to me.My first time to have pictures and saw a camera was during my grades school. I was in grade two at that time when the whole community votes for me to be a FIRST EVER KIDDIE QUEEN in more than 15 sitios and villages of the town.The festival was celebrated in mid December 1968.Since then i have some few pictures that I'm keeping where ever i go.Now is in my house in the Phils.As the years goes by, there's a lot of additional pictures on my antique box.It was in one of my wildest dream to have camera of my own.A mountains of dream that brought me here abroad.Some of my dreams was already in my hands and now this is the latest, the cute and the most amazing one:

NEW 10.1-megapixel Cyber-shot® DSC-T300 digital camera, featuring a stylish, ultra-compact design and intelligent functionality to help reduce the risk of taking a bad photo.

New model and new intelligent scene recognition (iSCN), a technology that allows the camera to analyze shooting conditions and automatically select the optimal settings for the best photo results. In iSCN mode, the camera can automatically detect up to five scenes, and choose the best setting for the situation.

In advanced iSCN mode, the camera will shoot using the user’s settings and then will automatically step in and take a second shot with optimized settings. If the camera determines that the user’s settings are best, then a second photo is not taken.

“The T300 camera shows goes beyond face detection to other functions that help customers capture their best photos automatically.”
The unit integrates a wide (16:9), 3.5-inch touch screen Clear Photo LCD PlusTM LCD screen for easy navigation and framing; a Carl Zeiss® 5x optical zoom lens; Super SteadyShot® image stabilization and high sensitivity settings up to ISO3200 to help combat blurry photos; and a powerful Bionz™ processing engine.

The camera’s updated face detection technology can differentiate between the faces of children and adults. Simply select “child priority” or “adult priority,” and the camera will automatically detect up to eight faces in the camera frame, adjusting focus, exposure, white balance and flash for the subjects that matter most.

It has applied a similar advancement to its “smile shutter” technology, an intelligent camera function that captures smiles automatically by searching for facial movements related to smiles and laughs. Capable of detecting multiple smiles instead of only one, users can apply “child priority” or “adult priority” in smile shutter mode to capture photos only when the intended subjects smile.

New controls on this model include: semi-manual focus, which lets the user set the focus range; improved auto focusing system to cover macro ranges in auto mode; and the addition of Sony’s D-Range Optimizer Plus mode that uses a higher image correction algorithm to retrieve more picture detail in bright highlights and dark shadows caused by high-contrast shooting.

As storage capacities on Memory Stick Duo™ and Memory Stick PRO Duo media cards increase, options for easily organizing, accessing and playing back photos is more of a priority. The new camera’s internal database allows for advanced filtering to later search for photos by date and smile. Images can be viewed in chronological order or displayed in a helpful calendar view, and organized in the camera’s “favorites” folder.

To view your images in stunning 1080 HD resolution slide shows, just connect the DSC-T300 camera to a compatible HDTV set. Slide show includes your choice of background music, including up to eight tracks (a total of five minutes in length) you can upload via USB, and use multiple tracks to create longer slideshows set to music.


SOREQ CAVE:my first tour

I was so excited when one member of JIL informed me about the tour which includes the SOREQ CAVE.Past 12 o'clock (noon) when we arrived the place.First we have our lunch served,we're all hungry because as early of 5:00 a.m. when we leave Natanya. In the middle of our lunch one worker approached our driver to let us move fast as we saw a lot of school children's walking up hills in direction of where we are.The parking was on the top hill and cave was in the downstream. Its a very tiring ups and downs walked that makes my heartbeat double than usual .Then later inside the cave the guide told us,maybe where about 5-8 meters distance to the exit gate that we are standing of where our service car was parking.Its an amazing tour inside the cave.It just in my thoughts that cave can only accommodate up to 30-40 persons only, more than that is too crowded which is not good both the tourist and the nature inside.The air temperature inside the cave is constant year-round at 22 degrees Centigrade.The humidity ranges from 92%-100%.We felt little hard breath while inside that we allowed to stay for just 40 minutes only. Area of the cave was 180 dunams(is a unit of area used in the OTTOMAN EMPIRE,it also defined as "forty standard paces in lenght and breadth" or it is a unit they used to measure the area).Cave entrance was measured at 385 meters above sea level.The area of the cave was 91m in lenght,80m wide,15m in height,total area is 4800square meters and has a volume of 25,000 cubic meters.The cave was declared as a nature reserved only in March 16,1975.Before entering the cave ,we saw video clips of things that is prohibited inside the cave like NO TOUCHING the stone because it will stops growing and it becomes black color stone,need to be quite,no picture taking,a very sensitive place that everybody should respect and the most important was they explain how it forms and a short lecture about the discovery until they found out that need to be preserved.Our last few minutes inside the cave,we are begging to the guide to let us have pictures where we standing and no roaming around then he said yes when we almost at the exit gate ;here i have few but better than nothing...
a close up smile from TEENI,she's standing behind me. just face to the left , face to the right, face forward and turn back position then klik to take pictures.

i ran upstairs to take the ceiling of the cave,we cannot stretch our hands up side and sidewards because it might touch the growing stone or its a matter of less than 1/2 meter distance from us

STALACTITES and STALAGMITES meets and build a walls naturally.this formation is a kind of process that when a drop of water reaches the cave ,it releases carbon dioxide which is saturated then limestone's crystallizes on its own.There is also other sedimentary forms that you can see in the cave.



>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November and December are the month that most of us here enjoying our holiday seasons by going out of town tours in any point of Israel.i was invited by some members of JESUS IS LORD group going around Jerusalem.I've been here for a number of times but wishing wall prayers is the best moments for me to pray and wish everything including an extended friends wishes that they ask me to do make the story short here are the pictures taken in every stops and where we was....

our first stop was in mt. olives sight seeing point.around 7 o'clock when we arrived here and its sunny Sunday morning but i feel very cold.

we are now in mount olives information center, need for "COMFORT TIME" now downstairs.

in background above us are trees and the roof edge of Mary Magdalene church,still close when we passed there

this is the front view of GETSEMANEH church,while church was closed ,time now is 8 o' clock in the morning.

in western wall,as you can see the small papers inserted in every crack of stones that all well wishers putting after their says that going out backward walk from praying nearest to the wall will be a wish come true.

walking direction to the exit of western wall for old city shops and buys, we bought t-shirts,posters, jewelries and other souvenirs

last stop around old city's busy and crowded markets is in the Holy Sepulchre Tomb



>> Monday, November 17, 2008

binyamina #14 ,natanya - This is the usual scene during Saturdays and Sundays here.This store is exclusively for Filipinos only.Stores like this in some parts of the country like in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are for all Asian customers.Here in natanya,store owner MOSHE PEER, married to a pilipina with a teenage son and daughter,offered to use Internet services for free,a first come first serve use. I also came here to buy some but not openly using computers because i was allowed to have my own connection in my work that i can call and chat anytime my family and friends.He has a lot of patients to his 500 regular clients that he knew a little story of their lives so he can advise and help them what to do every time that they encounter a problem here.Everything that we need we used to asked him to buy, he even giving us discounts.Almost all items here are made in the phil's.



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I'm in a great feelings that i found a friend like APRHODITE she's sharing me what she got and some happenings in her life ,thanks again sis,GOD BLISS! again here's what she said:
I got another award guys from Demcy. Yes, you heard me right. This time it's about being a Wondah Woman. I am gifted that God created me as a woman. I can able to serve my love ones. I can show and give happiness to them. The tender loving care of a woman is priceless and unbeatable. Congratulations Wondah Women!I am passing this award to the wondah woman I know. Milan, Vhing, Rechie, Grace, Madz, Marlym, Reiboo, Pinaymama, and you..just feel free to grab this award peeps!



APRHODITE sharing her award to us,we're very lucky as the choosen ones and she's inviting us also to join,thanks to you,here's what the statement is:

I got a cute Power Blog Award today from Demcy. I like it! Thank you very much sis. So, I am passing this to all my friends and visitors to post this in your blog and tag your friends too.

The Rules:

1. Each blogger must post this rules.

2. You need to choose ten people to be awarded and list their names.

3. Don't forget to leave them comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog.

I will pass this to the following people:




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Yesterday's early evening visits by the youngest son RUVI of my employer,this is a part of his daily routine,rain or shine,told me that the Israel's episode of SURVIVOR REALITY SHOW will be shoot in the Philippine's soon.what a nice news I've heard.EUROPEAN countries 3 episodes of this reality shows or the first episode was then shoot in the Philippines way back few years ago before the Americans franchised the title.NOW i will show how the mangyans,one of some ethnic tribes in the Philippines that can only be found in Mindoro island where I came from, pictures was taken in PANAYTAYAN in the town of MANSALAY just few kilometers distance from where I was born and grown up. This is the normal practice in the jungle or those peoples living on a nearby mountains even though childrens can are doing this.I evenly remembered when I was a young girl,groups of mangyan's came always to my mother to exchange their root crops and wild fruits to old clothes,preserved fish, canned sardines and rice.They don't accept cash money in any forms because they don't know what it is,they've never been in schools before. And now mostly they are educated already and some are professionals. One funny moments last year when I attended my father's funeral, my husband told me that he needs to change his cellphone because he saw mangyan holding one cellular phone with the latest model than what he has.


STEP #1.gather dry leaves of trees around(I'm using coconut husks)branches to use must be dry alsoSTEP #2. SPLIT THE BRANCH as you can see there,insert piece of smaller branch then slip down rattan string or any vines around.


STEP #4.AS A MATTER OF SECONDS SMOKES WILL COMES OUT, blow it slowly so that small fire will sparks more.

STEP #5.ADD SOME DRY LEAVES or COCONUT HUSKS if there is makes more faster fire

AND FINALLY YOU HAVE FIRE! NOW you can cook anything you want in the middle of the jungle.


PRIVATE CAREGIVERS:my daily routine

FRIDAY,weekend here and the busiest day of the week,some are busy cleaning,supermarkets are full of shoppers,public markets are also floods by all kinds of people,some are still half day working but most CAREGIVERS are in their work especially those stay in worker like me.we're busy too ,like me this morning,i woke up as early as 6 o'clock ,i cleaned outside ,water my few flower plants,and pick some for inside flower vase display,flowers has a great role for an elderly, an early morning smile on their faces.i do believe that the more they smiles and feels happy ,the more they are extending their lives. i prepared to clean outside for not disturbing her while still asleep.before she wake up i need to prepare her breakfast then go for shower,that's the routine comfortable to her,there are different types of morning daily routines to all caregivers,they give routine that is comfortable to every elderly,in this particular moves most elderly are not in irritated mode for the whole day.diapers delivery also this morning...its not door to door, its few meters walk from the house to where it delivers.

after all things have done to her,she needs to read newspapers,i need to have a cute ride of 5Min's to a rechargeable "calno-it" as they named it,this type of easy ride was always seen in golf courses,to reach the post office mail box area to pick up news papers,then i went to "kolvo" a village grocery for few errands that we need for Saturday because its their rest day like sunday in other countries but most business establishments are closed,before ,i heard its totally closed but now theres few are open like restaurants and some drugstores or fruit stands,cars are everywhere . some said that few years back, during shabbat streets and highways are totally clean or no cars at all.

we all know that newspapers has also a big role to every elderly,it is one way of rehabilitating or waking up their minds so as they still aware of whats going on around.some caregivers used to go outside for walking,sitting on the park and some doing a kind of fresh wind breath exercise.but me i still to go on with some household chores like cleaning her room,bed,windows etc and sometimes my room,the kitchen and living room.its almost 12 o'clock or maybe 11:45 that i finished but i need to shower then before we go to dinning room for lunch and get some foods for tomorrows meals.I'm in a hurry to go shower without bringing anything to use even though bathrobe i forgot, so i get out nude from shower running to my room. exactly 12 noon when we got out the house.

at 2 o'clock in the afternoon she needs for noon time rest, while me is busy posting, sometimes chatting with my families in the phil's and friends.she needs not more than two hours sleep. more than that she might not go to sleep the whole night but most us caregivers has nothing to do about it or we could not force them to get she gets up i'm giving some light mid afternoon snack like coffee with a piece of cake or biscuits then let her sitdown to watch tv news or some programs that she wants to see .until theres somebody to come for visits,sometimes a friend and usually grandchildrens and other extending families.



>> Thursday, November 13, 2008

Elder Care describes the issues and care concerns for the frail elderly who make up 5% of the over 65 population. FRAILTY is defined as chronic functional impairment in one or more of 6 activities of daily living (ADL's) requiring the help of another person. These ADL's include:

Elder Care can be thought of as an umbrella of care and services for the frail elderly. These include a broad range of services including:
------Meals (in-home or in congregate settings)
------Personal care
------Light housekeeping in the home
------Residential facilities (retirement homes, Board and Care facilities
and nursing facilities)
------Adult day care
------Telephone reassurance
------Friendly visiting
------Respite care
------Emergency response systems such as Lifeline

The array of medical conditions that may result in frailty are numerous, and several stand out as most directly impacting upon the individual's day-to-day functioning. The most glaring of these is dementia in it's many forms (i.e., Alzheimer's Disease, vascular dementia, etc.). Other serious conditions affecting function include strokes, Parkinson's Disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and emphysema, near or total blindness, diabetes and advanced heart disease.

CAREGIVER concerns stand as a large area of consideration in Elder Care. Remembering that 80% of the care provided to the frail is given by families, it is key that these caregivers are supported over time. This support may take the form of:
---------respite services
---------support groups

Effects of depression on the elderly
Moderate to severe depression often accompanies physical decline and frailty. Depression is a medical condition that affects not only quality of life, but also the way in which people take care of themselves. It is a condition that is usually easily resolved with new treatments, but untreated in the elderly.


familyBROG's #1

>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

during this 95th birthday of the mother MOLY was showing his ph.d (doctorate) certificate to his mother

avinoham pointing thier pictures when he & ehud was young kids at eretz israel musuem photo exhibit,picture taken in mishmar hasharon when photographer ZOLTAN KLUGER(cheif photographer 1933-1958) passed by the village on his way to work.

ehud barak's wife nili,me & avinoham's wife slumit

with ruvi&avinoham during 95th bithday the mother

ehud barak,mother ,me & moly during the family together to the 95th birthday of the mother in moly's home located in jerusalem.

at ehud's home in tel aviv during his 65th birthday for family together only.

me,slumit(wife of 2nd son avinoham),ehud barak,lilia(wife of youngest son ruvi) in ehud's youngest daugther wedding held in haifa

yulie tamir-education minister (L sit) nex tis me standing,nili & ehud barak in quessarya wedding , its their(my employer) relatives wedding

me and grandchildren to a youngest son Ruvi&Lila during barmitzvah held in nearby village kibbutz Ma'abarot (L-R/yuval,naama,yunatan&daniel)



The caregivers must often provide care under complex circumstances, often balancing the concerns of their own immediate families, their careers, and their responsibility for elderly caregiving. In fact, caregiving can often be defined as providing unpaid assistance for the physical and emotional needs of another person, ranging from partial assistance to round-the-clock 24-hour care. Caregivers can also be considered primary and secondary. Several studies report the primary is most often a daughter or spouse. The secondary caregivers are most often other family and close friends, as well as those who are not relatives. Secondary caregivers tend to be less frequently involved in the personal care, although help with support of the elder and respite of the primary caregiver.

Feelings and Experience of the Caregiver
Often as the illness or disability condition progresses in aging, the amount of caregiving increases rapidly with little warning. Along this journey of caring also comes a wide range of emotions and circumstances that may be confusing or appear conflictual by the caregiver. For example

Chronic emotional and physical fatigue.
-Internalized guilt.
-Issues of death, dying, and other end of life concerns.
-Not fully understanding the course or prognosis of the illness.
-Anger towards self, the elder, and other caregivers.
-Social isolation.
-Sadness and grief.
-Unexpected and increasing financial burdens.
-Complex legal issues.
-Stress on one’s own immediate family and relationships.
-Denial and lack of preparation for the possibility of a difficult course of illness.
Care for the Caregiver
All things considered, one can imagine the incredible importance of the caregivers being attuned to caring for themselves. Many studies report that when there is a strong bond among the caregivers and the elderly that the caregivers feel less stress. However, this may not necessarily be the case at particular points in providing care; therefore, taking care of oneself is important to the entire process. All too frequently caregivers are unwilling, perhaps ashamed to ask for help because they perceive this to be a sign of inadequacy, perhaps even failure. The caregivers cannot be expected to do it all and it is imperative to set limits. To provide effective care, one needs to maintain one’s own health. In fact, neglecting your own care may have long-term consequences, not only for you, but also for the person who needs your care. The following items are often neglected by caregivers:
....Getting adequate sleep.
....Periodic exercise and nutritious meals.
....Taking regular short and longer-term breaks from providing care.
....Allowing others and/or agencies to take over for you (or collaborate with a co-partner).
....A good awareness of knowing and acting upon when you need to rest.

Ten Tips for Family Caregivers
-----Caregiving is a job and respite is your earned right. Reward yourself with respite breaks often.
-----Watch out for signs of depression, and don’t delay in getting professional help when you need it.
-----When people offer to help, accept the offer, and suggest specific things that they can do.
-----Educate yourself about your loved one’s condition and how to communicate effectively with doctors.
-----There’s a difference between caring and doing. Be open to technologies and ideas that promote your loved one’s independence.
-----Trust your instincts. Most of the time they’ll lead you in the right direction.
-----Grieve for your losses, and then allow yourself to dream new dreams.
-----Stand up for your rights as a caregiver and a citizen.
-----Seek support from other caregivers. There is great strength in knowing you are not alone.
-----Caregivers often do a lot of lifting pushing and pulling. Be good to your back.

As elderly population increases more rapidly than ever before, and the large numbers become caregivers at some point of life, potentially stressful experiences may awaits.Caring for an elderly individual can be highly rewarding. It may strengthen relationships among family members with numerous opportunities to work together. It is an opportunity to express love and appreciation for the support the elder has given you. Take good care of the elderly, as well as take great pride in yourselves, family, and friends.



>> Friday, November 07, 2008

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: I CAN NOT READ MY EMAILS ANYMORE!!-(funny)- if i open my yahoo mails, automatically yahoo messenger shuts down.i really don't know whats going on here, then it flashes on screen "YOU OPEN TO ANOTHER COMPUTER" HUH!?? i don't understand why it goes like this that i only have a laptop in front of me in this room,there's a lot of messages appears on explorer windows,so.. the only remedy i thought is to shuts down the power so that i can open and use it again.since i don't have any proper studies regarding this high technology resources,I'm trying to KLIK HERE,KLIK THERE procedures of mine. I'm lucky though that this MOUSE is not a living creatures because if it is, surely he bites or maybe it swallowed my entire hands already. yes...i know how to write and discuss all those technical terms about computers and some gadgets so as i owe all of those on tv advertisements,on street billboards and streamers,pictures on newspapers but to put it on in actual, a hands on i admit I'm just on my way to learn how it will a beginner its an illiterate kind of attitudes asking WHAT&WHY. there's a lot of moments that i hate myself already because i cant get it through what i wanted to do,its all in my mind but how come i cannot do it alone. i was so depressed sometimes of all these things.i always questioning myself why i spent 5 years in college in one prestigious universities in the Phil's and now i don't know whats going on around??the unexplainable point of my life.buying this laptop is not regrettable but as the days goes bye it gives me more and more challenging work to do,I NEED TO LEARN IT ALL , I'm not the type of person that just leaving one challenge without fight, a fight of my own that will lead me to go through further and be a knowledgeable kind of person in facing this high technology of present civilizations

yesterday ..during my early morning coffee time,i got a few minutes chat with my old long lost friend,maybe 20yrs ago, i found him here on the web.the time that i bought this laptop i don't know nothing ,as in nothing at all,the only phrases putting into my mind was "COMPUTER WILL TEACH YOU!" as long as you can understand english,proud to say that we pilipinos can write,read and speak english properly eventhough the young one's. i did a lot of surveys like the prices,the trade marks, how's the product itself and finally i decide to have one , the cheapest one i know.i don't believe such thing that an expensive prices are the best buys or the best quality.during first week of discoveries,its a weakest moment i ever had,I'm afraid to press keys on keyboards,its a hard breathing before touching the next keys.I've seen always some locals putting their fingers with a lot of weights that sounds not like TSK,TSAK but its already PAK,FUCK sounds. since I'm alone and no one see me if I'm doing it right or wrong ,i continued it on my own ways.all the words that first comes to my mind was klik to open an explorer until such time that i found the hometown of my husband's great grandparents place,its the island of ROMBLON (in Phil's) on the town of SAN ANDRES,its here also where this friend of mine in yesterday's chat where he was born, grown up in manila, now in australia.he is now one amongst of Phil website designer,cool moment chatting to somebody that knows a lot of things.i used to ask him those disturbances on my laptop and he politely told me maybe its VIRUS already.thats all i agreed him, so...tomorrows day off will be a nice and fun time again to the administrator of my laptop .pride touching floor again but i need to think of good before it will explode.



>> Thursday, November 06, 2008

yesterday's episode of TV patrol:
in KUALA LUMPUR,MALAYSIA there is filipina employed and recruited by a SINGAPORIAN/Malaysian national caught on video - hitting, harassing her and according to them they also asks to do some of inhumane acts,this video was taken by co-worker hiding inside the house and lead them to escape with an evidence,i TRULY SALUTE them for their courage to do this dangerous also said that they are not just DH slaves but they are also forced to work as a prostitutes especially those who are in younger of this time they are already in the Phil's but will return to Malaysia to witness the in court hearings .the government did quick action in coordinating Malaysian police for the early capture of said employer yesterday night. USEC.RICARDO BLANCAFLOR stated : "this is the first time that a foreign national is going to be prosecuted outside the Philippine territory." thanks for the immediate actions of peoples concerned regarding this matter.


DR.DOCTOR I am SICK, please call my CAREGIVER very QUICK

>> Wednesday, November 05, 2008

speaking of world change now a legendary rhymes for children's schools has been change also,lets dump this rhyme "MOTHER,MOTHER I AM SICK ,CALL THE DR VERY QUICK", as caregivers exploring the whole world to do their best in taking care of an elderly,to peoples with disabilities or sometimes serving the whole family,sometimes its a generation of services like from grandparents then next to their children until extending it to their grandchildren. its been a usual practice or word that first they call their caregivers before anyone else for everything they need,every moves that only caregivers know it very well,especially to those very loyal for their employers.wonders in such line of job and most asked why caregivers staying for this hard rock type of profession they choose to every employers where they are,some are serving 10yrs,20yrs and mostly 3-5yrs,usually we heard , its not the money that counts but the GENEROSITY of employers that they are giving to their caregivers serving with them faithfully.

today we will go to the family dr of my employer,she's not feeling well since yesterday afternoon,she told me that there's something uncomfortable in her tongue or somewhere in the throat,or somewhere in that part until she used to tell for a hard breathing,a bit pain but not critical as she said and i observed the change of her voice,sounds like she'd been engage to singing contest last night,again ...i'm the one first to know before she dialled numbers and talked to her relatives around ,i'm very passionate to my work already not just because i need it so badly but to the point that its very hard to her(my employer) that other people handle for her status at the age of 95years old is not a joke and me as always together with her day and night , i know totally and feel what's going on for her in every moves she did,though i'm lucky as this an answer to my prayers before to give me a work for an elderly that she can walk,understand whats going on ,she still knows what she wants and for the dangerous thing is that she never call me if she's doing something because she taught she could make it alone without my assistance,shes a great woman i've ever meet.a woman that everybody called her as ONE OF A KIND,a love of everyone here and respectable mother and for all of her painstaking has paidoff as by this time of her age she still witness her sons images on biggest billboards in this nation on displays,reflecting motherly aspirations and now on its historic age we can see,shes happy everytime and everyday watching tv news that her son was there always and i feel that through her smiles her life is completely accomplish.



BARRACK OBAMA wins 2008 U.S.presidential election.another history that the whole world most watched,the history of first african american who has courage to fight for the change not for americans only but for all the people of the world.after his win ,i saw on tv live broadcast,he delivers his first presidential speech.his victory show the message worldwide that the american dream is still alive and well.
i just hoping that the present crisis will reverse in its course for the new change and new beginnings of total war free world as most ordinary citizens like me always praying, the economic stability will regain and equalities for all worldwide.lets pray together for everlasting PEACE of the world.


FRIENDS is like the WIND

one word in a thousands of meanings with a few adjectives that no one can give the exact conclusions of what we called FRIENDS.explanations of some adjectives like TRUE Friends,childhood friends,web friends in today's high tech world,closed friends and what we called about MY BELOVED Friends has been detailed but to put it true is an imaginary lines to me especially in today's generations of youth.sometimes friends expresses their feelings through sending flowers,cards & poems,that touches your heart,some rendering services or giving advices to boost morale during high's and low's of their lives,sometimes friends remembered you because they have some needs to asks,yes..there is a friend hanging out to you just because they LOVE you.. of being what you are,of not being who you are and what you have.

as my research and readings goes deeper i understand that FRIENDS is like the WIND that comes and go. a wind that sometimes refreshes you,a wind that let your hair fly back and port and stand bye,a wind that helps you breath during the hard times of your life ,a wind that makes you happy as it passes by,but if without WIND means without life then friends went gone without saying goodbye.

here in abroad has different ways in making friends,they really don't know who they are but always need to know from where they are.sometimes they can help but most of the time they don't because on its work time schedules and day offs.sometimes its sad that relatives are not good friends anymore but instead they are enemies that one need to choose for their own comfort and hate to say greediness is one of their owned tools.

i have new friends here in the desame village where I'm working,they are all my "kababayan"(both pilipino),they are very nice to me,we exchanging foods we cooked,going out for day off together and sometimes lending money if one of us is in urgent need to send to the family and the best part is to tell the stories to them how our days of work was be,its a great feeling that there's somebody sit and talk during our hard work days and sometimes a boredom days.good and best friends by now and i don't know until when it lasts or maybe i will pray to becomes forever.


75th ANNIVERSARY in my work place

>> Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A moment of a happy faces gathered together again in one place where they are during their early and memorable days of their lives.all of those people around the globe that was born here,work and been visitors of this kibbutz went back home to witness their awaited celebrations on its 75th foundation,lets look back 1933 during the swampy valley when the great grand parents gathered and form a group here,work and build on their poor bear hands and live here until the end of their lives.left behind are children's and grand children continuous working and struggling to become now a place of a progressive village on its own that evolves in today's high tech world.

i was so lucky to accompany my employer to be a part of their program and have dinner to all vicitors around.i witness here how everybody hugs,kissed and making laughter's to their relatives ,friends,classmates and everyone.program participants are those who have talents like singing,dancing -old and young,playing musical instruments,happy hour around then suddenly came the most important part of program to introduce the guest speaker,each and every one standing up to give a big applause,clapping,whistle roaring the whole village,its the sign of their proudness that they have their very own EHUD BARAK,born on these village,a man of highest integrity , a great leader of the STATE OF ISRAEL, a man of his own word,son of the oldest person by now in this village,then a minute of silence observed,then we heard the speaker on the stage delivering his speech gladly and happy.

this is the first time in my life attended celebrations like these and i can't imagine if i could attend some more gatherings in my journey(work) here in HOLY LAND....
and i'm sure theres no more,its so memorable to be in this family and on this place.
hope this will lasts for more and more years of more than what i needs to be here.
i'm thankful to the LORD for his generosity for me to be here and he gave me this employer, that HE blesses and keep her more strong and good health everyday.


my work place

>> Monday, November 03, 2008

YES!! its
this place was established in 1924 by a group of eightmen and two women that came to Israel from Russia. At first, this group settled in the Galilee to gain experience in cooperative life in agricultural settlements. They later moved, looking for a place to establish their own settlement. In the meantime,another group of people from Poland joined them, and they founded MishmarHasharon in 1933, in the Sharon Valley.

The Sharon Valley was deserted at that time, flooded with swamps and stricken by malaria. The new settlers dug channels and planted many eucalyptus trees in order to drain the swamps and expose the fertile land underneath, making it possible to cultivate and make a living. After years of struggle and hardship they managed to establish a flourishing kibbutz.

so proud to work on this place,i was so BLISSFUL that the agency sent me to work
here, a very quite place,nice people around - very supportive,clean surroundings,completely comfortable to work with because everything are just around the vicinity,like the dental clinic in a few meters away , the doctors clinic in just not far away,the laundry area is also a few steps to walk,behind laundry was a grocery that everything i need i can find it there ,the dinning area that i dont need to think what and how to cook food for my SAVTA(grandmother-my employer) - all foods are ready to eat and just get or choose what you want then go to the counter,we have a control number and exact amount(just for us) budget for a month,then sit down and enjoy the meal,here i admire most people regarding this practice because its only here i saw children of young age of 5 and above putting their own dishes in washing area ,its an automatic flow of washing all kitchen utensils with warm water and liquid soap ,i think ,you can see there only 1 man working ,segregating each utensils in each rack,so..easy...easy way of cleaning kitchen utensils, imagine the whole village and some other people went there to take lunch,and we all know how many hours we spent just washing dishes for how many numbers of people at all times,very tiring though,but its like CHOOSE_EAT_THROW practice here,very nice for my eyesight,my imagination went back what i've been before in helping my mother to cook for 30-50 people 4X a day for their meals , those people who are planting rice in my parents rice field,my gush!such regrettable time of my life but i have no i'm here and always said to myself " this is it - i'm in abroad".this place was never heard on me and i dont know nothing in my previous years in TEL AVIV,when the agency told me the first time that they will give good work and they are sure i can handle it,they haven't told me a kind of family that i will work with,the place or anything as in nothing at all unlike in most agencies.this time NO REGRETS ,happy and contended in this family i'm working with,a family that i always told to all my friends that they are (BROG FAMILY)my extended relatives
here in ISRAEL ,i'm not feeling of any worse homesickness because i feel at home here.a home and far away from home.



>> Saturday, November 01, 2008

a lot of questions in your mind at this moment , i really feel it by now , these blogs title is desame with the popular tv reality show worldwide!!??? please let me explain first before everything else here and please be reminded as like a book you've judging without reading it yet or maybe sounds ONLY CAREGIVER, its all sounds like it and i can't help it or be pleased... each and everyone of you here. the only thing i believe is that all of us here has the right to exist in this universe.

while title choosing makes comfortable to me as the starting line up to bottom line story of my life ,this is a total lifespan of the whole cycle of my life .on the game - everybody here was just a contestant or an artist fighting for the price money and the throne of a word SURVIVOR, and others trying to joined for a new adventures or something like its another exposure that helps them float above the sky or what they wanted to be with ,while in reality it is so hard to cross in some obstacles or to get through of such particular situations and sometimes its the choices of life and death situations but no matter how hard,specially when it pains or how impossible it will be ,i'm trying to get through and to move on,work it out for my happiness ,satisfactions and to be somebody someday as i always said before and being here i am so as who i am now...the thoughts i could not gather anymore to where it came from all the effort even though myself i can't imagine it all.

imaginations rolling day and night , to those who knew me are wondering HOW and HOW ......
friends lets go back in where i came from .....a long long walk from a jungle to the next village and then next first town up to the far away mainland. my parents got married and
started nothing even sleepers they dont have, its the only LOVE each other they owned at that time ,days rolling again and again and days goes bye ,the fruits of love bears a lot and more than a lot coz 10 kids to feed is like a company you've building at this time,but as the saying reads the more the better and merrier. i heard from my father before that if they have more children they will received more blessings, i dont know where it came from because as of today i 'm saying its not only a blessings but its also a sufferings to each one of us their children,i'm not putting blames of pains to my parents beacuse he is, my father, is always on the top compared to his contemporaries and colleagues. matured enough to understand how the ways it goes,were so lucky that all of us finished in schools except the eldest which is disabled, what else we could ask or maybe no more .

all graduates but working not in line with what we've studied, aiming of good salary is the one who pushed us here to work and we always thinking of like something before its NECESSITY and now i'm wondering why it is already an IDEALOGY.i dont know in some pilipinos working like me here if they have desame principles on me, or maybe they did yet reach the point in their lives in desame way as like me.
and now i'm just hoping that my employer will add more years on this planet so as i need it more in few years and after this its the right time to go home and to be with my loveones until the end of our lives.and in all my thoughts maybe thats all and no more .

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