Independence day ends with....

>> Wednesday, April 29, 2009

*****the DEFENSE MINISTER SPEECH held at ministry building ground in Tel Aviv.High and Strict compliance in entering the vicinity with all and most well known people and war hero's are the visitors that allowed to get inside. I meet also  other pilipina caregiver with her employer, we just wave hands in far distance and another one was with her husband that I saw  was a local press photographer.Me and my employer was  sitting the 3dr lines of chairs behind all ranking officials of this country. I enjoyed too but I was pretty tired pushing,pulling and driving the wheelchair around because my employer want to see everything and she's telling me everything also until we got home.I just want to let everyone here that this is the reality of my life here as caregiver.What ever our employers need no choice we'll do it for thier satisfaction.
Taken inside MoD office ,framed pictures behind are all the previous  DM's of this country.Those sitting down are all the daughters in law of my employer.
Anchor woman/newscaster of local tv channel one greeted my employer...later I will put the name...hehehe I just recognised the face who she is but not her name.
here DEFENSE MINISTER speaking that the whole nation watching and hearing it.I asked favor of taking this picture to another caregiver behind me, she is from THAILAND.

Okey folks, maybe I am allowed to have a short vacation for a while here.Thanks to all.See you all next week.



>> Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Israel's night of indepedence way back 1948 celebrates few minutes ago-disco dancing still going on, in every villages and towns all over the country.Me and my employer witnessed another year of celebration from thier liberation with invaders.Below are my few shoots that I cannot have much because one hand was holding my employer and other hand was with my camera and video.Oh...okay ..yes! I'm insane because I need it on blogosphere,lol.

Yom Ha'atzmaut (Hebrew: יום העצמאות‎ yom hā-‘aṣmā’ūṯ;) means the national Independence day of the State of Israel. Every year's celebration is always on the 5th of the Jewish month of Iyar, it centers around the declaration of the state of Israel by David Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv on May 14, 1948 and the end of the British Mandate of Palestine.It is always the day after Yom Hazikaron. I repeat saying again that the day in Georgian calendar for Jewish start after sunset.It's night life in some other countries.

Many Israelis celebrate the day with picnics and barbecues (known in Israeli slang as a "mangal" - from the Arabic word منقل meaning "stove"). In some parts of the country the eve of the holiday, people sing and dance in the streets. Balconies are decorated with Israeli flags, and small flags are attached to car windows or every where you can see thier flag hanging.

IN the dinning room ,dinner served in few minutes but they served first the "pita" so.. when the main menu come I finished already one
Programs started with the childrens on this village riding around bicycle and some are walking with flags hanging on their bikes.Next in dinning area then program history outside and the end by seeing fireworks.
There was also kids running back in fort waving flags in different sizes.



>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

In youtube videos you can see all people who witnesses this day in ISRAEL.There are videos shown in different  locations and it's amazing to see  all motorists stopping thier cars during the minutes of silence. Tonight is the  "erev zikaron" which means the commemoration all thier fallen soldiers battled in ground and space for the next day liberation of  holy land.Here in my work place have a corner in this village that all residents gathered and commemorates by offering songs, flowers , candle lighting and prayers  while mentioning of all the names of those soldiers died during thier active duty as an army and all victims of terrorism. Names of those who are born here and those who live here before.It is a solemm program and so emotional to observed and watched.Tommorrow before eleven in the morning will have another one minute siren/alarm to the whole nation.

Yom Hazikaron is observed on the 4th day of the month of Iyar of the Hebrew calendar, always preceding the next day's celebrations of Israel Independence Day.  It varies from year to year in the Gregorian calendar:
2006: May 2 
2007: April 23 (postponed from April 22 due to the latter's proximity to the Sabbath) 
2008: May 7 (moved from May 9 due to the latter's proximity to the Sabbath) 
2009: April 28 (The day opens the preceding evening at 20:00 (8:00 pm), given that in the Hebrew calendar system days begin at sunset, with a one-minute siren during which most Israelis stand in silence, commemorating the fallen and showing respect).Here is the pictures taken at Mishmar Hasharon during thier night of commemoration.I just have these two pictures because my right hand holding my employer and the left hand holding camera.What a crazy life of caregiver and same time a blogger , lol. 

I don't have my own videos where you can see motorists stopping during a one minute of silence.We caregivers are not allowed to leave our employer inside the home or work place without the permission of the family  and  there should be someone to replace before leaving the   work place.  I'm always  on my work /duty everytime of the jewish holiday of each year and I  only watched on tv live show of what is happening around. 



>> Saturday, April 25, 2009

I got another award from G.O.D. of My World  My Family Inspirations.Thanks again Grace for giving me this inspirational award . 

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Names of awardees will soon be seen here.



>> Friday, April 24, 2009

I HATE TO BE A WOMAN! Once a month I felt this way.To have a monthly period was very embarassing to me since I suffered this headache.Some of my friends called me "unfinished" that's why I have this migraine.I'm in the middle of the men and the woman they said.I am suffering this migraine since I was teenager.I do research since then but everything was a not found what I felt.It's complicates the way how it attacts on me. Expert studies by saying "two types of migraine" like MRM & PMM but for me I just felt both or only one kind not two types.I dont know and I dont want to go back and fort to some clinics for another check up.

****MRM(menstrual related migrane) is a headache of moderate-to-severe pain intensity that happens around the time of a woman’s period and at other times of the month as well.
****PMM(pure menstrual migraine) is similar in every respect but only occurs around the time of a woman’s period.

The exact causes of menstrual migraine are uncertain but evidence suggests there may be a link between menstruation and migraine due to the drop in estrogen levels that normally occurs right before the period starts.
****Menstrual migraine has been reported to be more likely to occur during a five-days, from two days before to two days after menstruation.

When compared with migraines that occur at other times of the month, menstrual migraines have been reported that  it last longer—up to 72 hours,  more severe, occur more often with nausea and vomiting- I'm not suffering this , be more difficult to treat—occur  not frequently.

****every month that I have and felt this way my employer always asked me , so I need to explain her to avoid another complications on my work that not just severe but a total  distruction of my life. lol.


6000 visitors fr 72 countries on my bday!?

Amazing! its my big day today with that number figures of visitors on my blog.Thanks to all of you outhere, hope will be together on blogging as long as we can do.Yes! today is my ****ty eight birthday! mathematics is the word that I need to forget today and tommorow only the (-)minus will be in my mine.That's  the way  how I boost  myself to have feeling younger everyday, okay. Greetings from everywhere-hehehe- special mention to DEMZ of My Life's Inspiration and Perceptions- thanks big as big in yourheart  for having space in your blog .God Bliss! and regards.

thank you very much everyone!!! HUGS!!!


G.RICE+extra thin noodles = instant SOUP

>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ingredients are ginger,onions,garlic (cut into small pieces or in cubes),glutinous rice,chickens flavors,olive oil,salt,ground pepper and extra thin noodles - forgot to include in picture taking-hehehe. 1/2 chicken breast, boiled it better to make it extra soft or can be overcooked  is much better then split into small pieces.
Heat olive oil in cooking pot and put ginger first then garlic and onions until it becomes light brown,I dont like golden brown it taste burned already.Then wash 1/2 cup of glutinous rice then put all together everything on a pot for a minute. Put one liter of boiled water and mix all ingredients. Boil until it becomes overcooked or sticky soft.

 This is my  24 hours  food which is good for four persons in just one meal.Hope this head ache will go away tommorow after I finished it all.(lugaw lng yan eh.hehehe.) I can survive vegetables also and like this kind of food if I'm not feeling well . I'm drinking of lot of water as if I'm drowning in myself then after 24 hours  runny nose is coming again. employer was not eating what I cooked.They have here village kitchen with special employees doing it.I just get all her foods in the dining room and then pre-heat to serve.


YOM HAGEVURAH (21paril2009)

>> Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This morning I heard a sirens , a military alarm while I'm busy preparing my old woman .We need to attend her best friend funeral in Tel Aviv.Summer time with  the temperature of  28 degrees maybe, thats what I feel only but still we need to go.Together with us was the youngest son  , we brought the wheelchair  to use in a long walk from the cementery gate up to where the grave was.No one had umbrella, no one using umbrella here during summer time, it was funny things I think if they saw one had around.Even my caps I forget to bring  so we went back home that my head and eyes are deadly cracking- grrrr.

About the alarm/sirens , it was the time signal of stopping any where you are at any point you where in for the commemoration of haulocust day.Even if you are driving , you need to step down and stand up outside your car.It was a minute of sirens and silence.I heard that even if they are inside thier homes but me was not because I'm busy.It's almost finished when I opened the TV to see what's going on. There was a ceremonies attended by goverment officials  offering prayers and flowers somewhere in the site they made in Jerusalem.


YOM HASHOAH (20April2009)

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

 Last Sunday I saw mostly stores in the city selling flags that they will use  to have flags displays around thier homes and everywhere in preparations of tonight's "erev hashoah" ceremonies.   We did not attend the village ceremonies few minutes ago because my employer was very sad today when she heard that her best friend , a classmates of her eldest son and nieghbor for long time ago was died in lung cancer. Only two weeks when we saw each other in the dinning room when they are taking lunch with other friends.Everytime she came and saw me outside she always ask me where is my old woman ,and how am I doing with my work.A very nice woman at heart to everybody here.May she rest in peace.

Today's weather was very hot and hard to breath outside until sunset. My employer was in bad mood if the temperature was too high that even the food she don't want to eat.She's watching almost half of the day all programs on television showing thier history and some of what happened this day long time ago.Programs that all related in today's commemoration.



LONGEVITY in my own observations

>> Saturday, April 18, 2009

After viewing the National Geographics featuring of thier expert touring three corners of the world searching the oldest humans that still alive and thier history was very interesting to me.I'm surfing the whole week of  some related topics  to compare  my observations in my work  of those ages 80 and above that I meet here.I have nieghbor in Tel Aviv before with a co-pilipino worker in  her  employer age  104 years old .They called me first what to do and I even speaking thier employers to explains and settle sometimes of thier differences . Not just two or five but its more that since I became caregiver.In Jerusalem I have also good friend working to an old woman of 106 years old when she died.Elderly men and woman I spoke in a certain period of time ,I have one thing  that observed in common from them and came into my conclusions that this is one and first factor of making them living longer. It was the SENSE OF HUMOR I found.

According to encyclopedia's record - HUMOR - in early Western physiological theory, one of the four body fluids thought to determine a person's temperament and features. As hypothesized by Galen, the four cardinal humours were blood, phlegm, choler (yellow bile), and melancholy (black bile). The variant mixture of these humours in each person determined his “complexion” or temperament and his mental and physical qualities. The ideal person had the perfectly proportioned mixture of the four fluids; a disproportionate amount of one humour created a personality dominated by one set of related emotions  like for example a choleric man was easily angered, proud, ambitious, and vengeful.

Second factor was the no accident .I could say YES too.Here once an elderly fell down like in a chair while sitting,in the bath room or even standing without any reasons and it was by accident, we caregivers are  worried that this might be the lost of our employers. Not to the extent of because we needed it just for the sake of good record making caregivers to find good family to served with.Another family makes too hard sometimes during the adjustments period and it takes longer time or more than of what we had before.Always having comparisons of two families,the before family and the present to which impossible to be like each other.



>> Friday, April 17, 2009

THANK YOU again CHIE & MAUS for these awards. GOD BLISS YOU!April 18,2009 today recieved another awards from MAUS of Around Nature Spring(below image) ..Thank You again mga friends of mine , good luck and take care to Maus. 
I would like to give this award to the deserving bloggers who keep updating their blog with informative posts to - Madz of My Pregnancy Diary, Demcy's My Life's Perception & Inspiration, Cacai's Step and Journey,Maxi's Health n' Beyond, Im Grace' of We Live to tell God's Amzing Grace, Meryl's Places, People, Good Food and My Life, SUDHERSANA, A.M.I.N.A ,Shaine and TETCHA. Please come and grab this award. You deserve it.

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My Lil Munchkin by Grace O Draper (G.O.D) and MAUS of Around Nature Spring  gave me this award.Thanks very much friends .Hug and Kisses to the cute little angel of G.O.D. Take Care and GOOD HEALTH  to both of you.



>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last night's visitor was a kind of classy ,concerned to my elderly.She asked me why "I don't want to eat together with my employer". It was dinner time when she arrived without prior noticed.So no choice I let her in even my elderly was taking dinner.As much as possible I dont want to serve food specially the major meals like breakfast , lunch and dinner if someone is coming.Elderly are always talking if they are eating that cause CHOKING and sometimes goes to death.I agree that my employer is not in fragile situation but to avoid worse things to come is the best that I can do.The visitor sat down to the other dinning chair fronting to my employer and no stopping of telling the old,old stories.Time like this is not good ways of story telling. I know that one way of reminding things like telling old stories are great for her to see if she's on it . Reasons  of they don't have time and today's visit is the only way but it is not the right time for elderly.So ..what I did was - I told them to stop talking because my employer was already start choking.It seems that the facial reactions of the visitor was kind of ugly me.It doesn't bother me either, I'm just doing the best thing to my work.My prayers everyday is the good health and life extensions of my employer then suddenly momments like this making me feel bad. I got nervous because how many caregiver have a case like this that the family blames putting to the caregivers.So I just watched her nearly and I can do the fastest way I could whatever needs she wants.

If choking occur to an elderly let her drink a small amount of water then let her stand up to strecth her back or spinal cord as much as possible.Instruct them to have a deep breath as much as they could.Walking inside the house is also good to let the air inside of that certain parts of the body will travel out and drinking water from time to time.It's a big fight by doing this but this is the only way to get her calmdown.Usually they got also nervous because it was a hard breath to do for the elderly.

Note:This is only what I did to my employer,some first aids have different approach and it depends upon the status or ages of the patient.Last thing to know that this is not a kind of major chokes,  what happened last night was  just an awareness of becoming big accidents.



I recieved another prize tagged from RECHIE of CHUCHIE'S HIDEAWAY.I made it on my own ways because we are differ in any kind of taste and of any happiness . Not just like an earlier tags and awards but it worth like a winning prize.I'm not planning to post this because the first time I read her post I know it already that I will spend more than a day of doing this.Since RECHIE is my eldest daughter place in my heart even we didin't meet yet personally I can't say NO to her.I did looking all of these since last night and not cleaning my room until I got finished today.I'm thankful also because of this award my things got well organized after so long time that I did not fixing it.You can see below what happened..

These are my manicure and pedicure sets that I'm doing it alone because it worth much here.Back home I have home service worker from the beauty parlor.Since I have foot allergy of more than a year I never touch all these stuffs anymore.
I'm using all of these stuffs only if there are special occasions.Everyday use was only the ponds cream.
I used multi-purpose bar-laundry soap before I went abroad but here take a look of all these things,every body parts has different usage,for hands,hair,for my toe,etc.While before "one for all" is enough.If you noticed the presence of vinegar here buzz me I will tell you, for womens only.
I can't find my jewelries I grab my employer's jewelry box-just few for daily use only and for special occasions was kept in special box also.(sa sanlaan lahat ung akin eh - safe pa doon..hahahaha)

You see what happened to my drawers after all I found all of these stuffs?..So tired and hungry.


Top EC droppers-back from where I Strated

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

These are the EC droppers from March 13-April 13 that I need to put it back.It might confuse to those in the list because I started the wrong date of 13. I never thought nor asked anybody here that it should be at the end of the month. Everything was trial and error for me here in blogosphere.The more EC's I dropped the more things I've learned from different blogs. If I put it on the end of the month I need to subtract the total numbers of drops to which make confuses to some readers here, I know. So here are the list up to April 13 and logo's are also updated in the same time this list will comes out.

Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL EC DROPPERS to gave your spare time in dropping EC's.I really,really appreciates all your kindness to me.More Power!

All blogspot templates.................................. 30
Blogger Templates........................................ 30
All contests .....................................................30
Cacai's Step and Journey............................. 29
iWalk,U2?...................................................... 29
Internation Musings.....................................28
SHORT APPS................................................26
Serian Man.................................................... 25
Christina Talks............................................ .24
Christina's Movie Review Mania.............. .24



>> Sunday, April 12, 2009

I recieved this wonderful award from the following  friends,....hehehe. Rechie of Chuchie's Hideaway, Jacky of My Life Story, Shaine of D'anjhel's Place, MAUS of Around Nature Spring gave me today also-18april2009 and  if there's any additional ,please remind me...hahaha.

 All I can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED!!! I'm already speechless.GOOD HEALTH to you LADIES.

and...........from Tetcha of PENSIVE THOUGHTS

THANK YOU VERY MUCH ..DEEPLY APPRECIATED.                                                                                                                                                                                                               



No easter egg in this country that's why no egg hunting during easter Sunday here and they don't have this day on thier calendar.I saw a lot of colored plastic formed eggs in toys section of any groceries and departments stores.There is also here a chocolate formed like an egg, so anything that is formed like an eggs was considered as an ordinary toys and not for easter fun day.I never plan on this but it was happened this morning on my friend's house in HERZILEYYA.(note:names are privately kept here for some reason's).......

I went there early morning of about eight o'clock in the morning to have long and more fun stories to be told. We've friends since high school days and never heard after college days.Last year my friend knew what happened to my father and other news of me where I am then she found me in FRIENDSTER.COM thrue another friend.So we planned to meet for how many times but the schedule was always conflicting, I am stay in on my work and she has two kids of about five- a boy and four years old-a girl,so..she's busy for her daily twelve hours work as caregiver to an autism boy, plus her kids.Finally we meet this easter sunday. They are already prepared to go when I arrived.I noticed that the two kids have pacifier. But suddenly the girl said that she's hungry (emah ani ra-eva) so we went back to the kitchen for thier cornflakes with milk and for us a cup of coffee.In the middle of sweet stories the young girl again said she want to the comfort room(emah ani rotsa laleket la shirotim)but my friend left her to get her coffee and I'm watching the young boy.They are super active kids, I don't know what they are eating..hehehe. When we supposed to leave the little girl shouted again that she don't want to go without her pacifier.She don't even know where she kept it when she went to the comfort room.My friend was so angry and she's already yelling ,shouting,etc. that I joined them looking for it.We almost move everything inside the house for nearly one hour but nothing found.It's a bad day to heard words that I rarely heard in my entire life.I used to whisper my friend that I never shouted nor yelled since birth of my children then she stops and cry in one corner.So we decided not to go anymore, sit down and opened the two flat screen tv's .

After thirty minutes of calm down, I asked the little girl what she wants to bring outside if we will go to supermarket and buy something to eat like barbecue or fish that cook on fire.She stand up and pointed that baby doll cart in thier room.I found  at the bottom and covered of all pink stuffs a colored plastic egg. Then I opened it and there was a pacifier inside .She run at me and said "that's mine"(ze sheli!)...

Whew!!!! what fascinating  day I have today! hehehehe.

I just remembered when I supposed to go that I've been in easter egg hunting ..hahaha.So I went back to get photo shots the baby doll cart.



>> Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs



>> Friday, April 10, 2009

A satellite view from Jerusalem where christians marks GOOD FRIDAY in Sepulcher Church the believing point where Jesus was crucified ,died and buried then RISE again and ressurected - EASTER SUNDAY.Christian worshippers carry the cross of the Latin Patriarchate on the Via Dolorosa towards the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Good Friday procession in Jerusalem's Old City.Below are pictures of rounds during good friday since I step this holy land.

I woke up early morning for a little walk around to feel the freshness of good friday in holy land but still on my work this day.Morning breezy grace and winds blows of not so cold that I felt good and thankful this day.

Instead of taking rest during my two hours lunch break, I went to the supermarket just maybe a 1000 meters distance in my work.Here are the pictures I've seen on this good friday inside unlike ordinary days that all shelves are organized and open.
Upright freezers with pre-heat food and ready to eat are covered that means they are not allowed to eat until April 17 as christian Orthodox calendar stated.
Here the bread and cookies in tins,boxes and plastic wrapped or manufactured.
This is the shelves where they diplays all pastas like macaroni ,spaghetti and others.
RICE products and flours products in this corner.
BREADS and other bakery products here.
Liquids and other drinks on this side.


Place where JESUS was crucified

>> Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I've learned during my early days in school that Jesus was crucified and buried in far mountains somewhere in Jerusalem. Today the place is a crowded area of where the history was made and thru my imagination rolled up until the point of saying "THANKS BE TO GOD" for sending us your son for the benifits of all mankind.

Standing at the center of the church then I looked up the ceiling and I saw this huge circular design that makes me so interesting everywhere I go.This is the images of holy Sepulcher church located in the center of Jerusalem's old city's busy market place.
Stepping at the entrance of the church, this images greets you with amazing yellow gold colors and fantastic designs. Most of the believers touches this image as their wish and prayers silently mentioned.
This is the top arch view of the entrance of the church that said - this was the original structure and the last part of the building they are preserving by this time.

Last Sunday, palm day in JERUSALEM gathered a hundreds of Christians holding green fronds showed their ways in celebrating of Jesus Christ's triumphant entry into the holy city.

Catholic pilgrims and local Christians attended Mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, traditionally held to be the site of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.



I have problems in opening some blogsites and websites last two weeks.Believed me or not I opened and read more than or maybe 500 blogsites(not sure) just in one week, to those not opening I left it open until my work was finished but still not opened ,imagine in half day I left it.So..I'm sorry to those have dropped some EC's to me but I didn't reply back by dropping EC too. And I'm also looking for something that helps me and what's going around but I was fraustrated that all my favorites was not working in my browser.I asked and send messages to them by yahoo ym .So I found out and downloaded the GOOGLE CHROME  and it's FREE, you see that ? I said it's FREE TO DOWNLOAD in just a minute , amazing! So I will save to my favorites/bookmarks  all those sites that are not opening on my other! thank you Mr.Google ..I learned a lot from you.


Blogsvertise approval

>> Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Today is my lucky day ever.., since I started blogging . Two sites approved on my survivor blog for ads and affiliates access for thier products  .First email I recieved was I need to write about them , even they will not instructed me to do so I'll be posting about them once they approve my site. I been reading /crawling for more than a thousand blogs since November 2008 and I saw that this network is working good. Asking why? like me if I display ads that is moving or sharing any revenues It will stay hanging in my page , if not I'm erasing it.Sorry but that is the business here or could I ask if is still there anything outhere?, please tell me .My entire rest  hour for this day went on reading this site so I have knowledge of knowing them before goes to business. So in summary of all those having ads they have the right to keep on displaying thier ads or even reviews about them.I'll updates all of you of my mine soon as the days goes by.And now I recieved the second email stated that my application was already APPROVED without any words from  me if I will or not to do the first email they send. Do you agree that this is my  lucky day... guys and fellas outhere?.hehehe...yehey!yehey!.. I woke up now in blogging.I need to overtime now for EC dropping...see you there folks. 


3 Awards recieved from RECHIE&JACKY

I got these 3 types of amazing question and answers award from my youngest sister and lovely friend in blogopsphere.Thank you again CHIE  on her WHEREABOUT'S  blog and JACKY  on her LIFE's STORY blog, you're  both so sweet and nice to everyone- keep up the good works.GOD BLISS YOU TWO ALWAYS!

Blogger Friendship Award

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wonderful wife award
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7. Have Fun!

Wife Mood ~
1.How long has you been married?
A.!! hehehehe- - - - ten yrs already
2.How do you feel about being a Wife?
A. Doing the most amazing race for the future of my 3 wonderful teenagers.Happy and Satisfied!
3.What has been your typical sleeping attire since you got married? usual , never in nighties eversince -sinisipon ako nyan
4.How do you show how appreciative you are of your Husband?
A.I'm biting him at the back then he knew it what it means
5.What do you do when your Husband annoys you?
A.Looking at him like an eye of a tiger hehehehe
6.You are buying or planning to buy your first house as Husband and Wife?
A.We have or before I went is enough!
7.How does your house look like at the end of the day when Hubby gets home?
A.He didnt mind inside our home
8.How do you feel about running a household?
A. I'm the ruler until now even though I'm here...para alang gulo yes lng sya ng yes..hehehe
9.What is the sweetest gift you have given your Husband so far?
A. my word of love
Q and A Award
1. What color is your toothbrush? - white
2. Name one person who made you smile today? – My employer
3. What were you doing at 8 a.m. this morning? – I was already finish my laundry
4. What were you doing 45 minutes ago? – making this posts
5. What is your favorite candy bar? – anykind
6. Have you ever been to a strip club? – never!
7. What was the last thing you said aloud? – “ aikkzzz” - slow internet connection
8. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? – any avaible on time to eat
9. What was the last thing you had to drink? – water never on any flavored drinks
10. Do you like your wallet? – cash kc
11. What was the last thing you ate? – puto & spaghitte
12. Have you bought any new clothing items this week? –
t-shirts as always
13. The last sporting event you watched. - Soccer
14. What is your favorite flavor of popcorn? - any
15. Who is the last person you sent a text message to? - ADGITIZE
16. Ever go camping? – here not at all
17. Do you take vitamins daily? – Nope
18. Do you go to church every Sunday? – just sometimes
19. Do you have a tan? – Yes , my ears.
20. Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza? – anything
21. Do you drink your soda with a straw? – never I hate soda
22. What did your last text message say? - to my daughter- study hard for your own future at mag TIPID!
23. What are you doing tomorrow? – clean as usual
24. Where are 24? – my big day
25. Look to your left. What do you see? – wall
26. What color is your watch? – I dont have - too heavy
27. What do you think of when you hear of Australia? - grandma
28. What is your birthstone? - diamond
29. Do you go in at a fastfood place or just hit the drive thru? – take out always no time na
30. What is your favorite number? - 9
31. Who's the last person you talked on the phone? - a nieghbor friend
32. Any plans for today? – sleep well...hoping
33. How many states have you lived in? - none
34. Biggest annoyance right now? – barking dog and cats fighting in the neighborhood
35. Last song listened to? – No Air playing on CBS now
36. Can you say the alphabet backwards? - oooppppss. israeli's are expert on that
37. Do you have a maid clean your house? – Yes, 18 yrs already serving us and now has son that we adopted
38. Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time? – sports shoes
39. Are you jealous of anyone? – no.......for what!?
40. Is anyone jealous of you? – maybe
41. Do you love anyone? - all things created by GOD
42. Do any of your friends have children? - Yes
43. What do you usually do during the day? - hayyyy work work work...kah...kah...kah.
44. Do you hate anyone that you know right now? – ahhhhhhh.......
45. Do you use the word "hello" daily? – to my employer when she woke up in the morning “ boker tov means good morning”.
46. What color is your car? – before white now red
47. Do you like cats? - nope
48. Are you thinking about someone right now? – paid ads hehehe
49. Have you ever been to Six Flags? - Nope
50. How did you get your worst scar? – holding all the time the spoon

I'm passing this to seven new friends here namely 1.(names soon as  I  have the lists)



WahahoW!!! YES!YES!!YESSss!! I'm allowed to put an ads in this blog survivor.It's been few months that I'm working for this to have it on my sidebar.happy feet Pictures, Images and PhotosLast month my laptop was dead and hospitalized , hehehe I bought a brand new set of computer.I'm trying to revive my account but I can't make it until last night that I checked it again to get codes but they turned it off as stated in email due of having many same ads inside my posts.They only allowed two(2) ads in every blogsite.Early morning today in my location I send reply message to the support team of my point of view ,then I erased it all - of coursed - because it was late night that I left it unfixed. Lunch time I recieved again another email saying that they reinstated my blog at adgitize.I was so impress of thier prompt response in approving and not waiting for 2-3 days or so..

One reason that almost a week  I'm not updating my blogs was have a feeling of depression in blogging.In all the reviews,advertise,affiliates ,etc.Only google adsense that I saw figures in my account.To any other ads I didn't find any movements so I was so sad and asking why I went blogging.A lil regrets but not totally in there because few friends here always checking me and telling where to go to get ads and reviews.Thanks to all you guys again and again.Oh..I'm already emotional here but happy for this blessings.



PEZAHK for JEWISH, HOLY WEEK for christians

>> Friday, April 03, 2009

HAG PEZAHK ZAMEIYAHK as the greetings I can hear around and everywhere in this place.Every year they are gathering together to have a special dinner for all members of the family and sometimes thier guest and friends are coming to celebrate with them. In my workplace we (I was invited always due to my employer's need) gather in the dinning room to watch the prepared programs by the members of these village that consist of all ages joining on the stage performance.They called it "LAILA ZEDER" so I was enjoying and always be as this is one part of my treasure here in holy land.Aside from that of course they are praying and candle lighting before they start everything what they have prepared.They have special foods for the whole week- as you can see the image above and they followed strictly of not eating something that contains flour as they called it "kemahk".Every manufactured food should written as "kosher" that they allowed to eat especially those religious families.

In my understanding "Laila Zeder" for Jewish and "LAST SUFFER" for christians.They have both commons in praying the whole week but only differ in food we eat. In christians ,especially to those have sacrifices are avoiding to eat meat while in here  they served thier dinner a lot of meat and thier special fish called "carpion". Even in supermarkets or any stores they are covering the space where the flour products are displayed. 



>> Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I recieved another award from my new found friend on blogosphere.Her name is SHAINE of .She helps me also a lil bit beautify my layout.Thanks to you dark angel ..hehehe.I can't imagine what it looks like but she is very pretty girl in real life-believe me guys.

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her awesome blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated!

I'm giving this nice award to those qualified like CHUCHIE,CACAI,JACKY,DEMZ,GRACE1331,MADZ and to MR. RON CENTENO

Sorry to others but the rules is just seven , all are awesome blogs! I'm just following the strict rules.hehehe



Mostly EC members are posting thier top ten droppers by the end of the month.I decided to do the same  starting  the first day of the month here in my location.Besides this post I'm putting all thier logo's on my right sidebar as I been said before, it was my one way of appreciating thier visits to my page.So...below are my lists...thank you again guys  and  I'm also thankful to all who have dropped EC's for the month of March 2009.

01.All blogspot templates................30
03.All contests..........................29
04.Cacai's Step and Journey..............28
05.Art Joolree...........................25
06.Chuchie's Hideaway....................23
07.The Art and Science of Parenting......22
09.Personal Finance Management Guide.....22
10.Change Your Mindset...................20

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