I almost lost my mind

>> Friday, September 25, 2009

SORRY..... to all EC droppers and co-bloggers specially  to all regulars readers of this blog . I hope I'll be back in few days or soon .

Due to some  work load on my daily life , it was not  physically but it was mentally heavy for the past few weeks and days  that I felt uneasy . I almost lost my mind that I can not write or I can't decide if I need to put it out here that I knew it will be a  big risks on my children's future.I just kept on thinking about it until I noticed that I forgot something just in an hour ago. As I became tough through all thing where I had been I find the ways to recover on my own ways . I kept my self busy and looking on the web some games and funny videos on youtube until I played the farm town on facebook.  I really enjoyed the games and found again some friends on other websites  that played in there too.

Caregivers here are working 24 hours in 6 days a week that some needy workers don't have any day offs for several months . Case to case bases, some employers forced to stay because they save for giving salary compared to local workers  and maybe some caregivers are  badly  needed of money . Sometimes  going day off was more tiring than staying on each work or much better to stay at work without spending any cents.

As we caregivers are emotionally and totally attached to our  dear elderly where we are serving our patients.This is a kind of job that your body is not working so much but your mind was working every minute specially if your working with half half Alzhiemers cases patients. Sometimes some caregivers said they are mentally tortured if the work they've got was so hard .

Again apologies . God Bless!.


What I have eaten during Erev Hag 2009?

>> Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Shana tova" and hag "zameach" that I heard as their greetings to each and every one with hugs and kisses to families and friends, wearing not so elegant but new and presentable . I loved looking at them on their happy faces welcoming their new year and another new beginning as they said.

First served was the juices and this kind of food that came from and purely fish pellet.This is the kosher food that my employer likes and  most favorite. Every time they serve in the dinning, this is the first choice by both of us. Gefilte fish as they named it, so easy to prepare.Get recipe here how to prepare and cook this Jewish food.

This is the only fresh salad I've chosen and few slices of small tomatoes.These have mixed with pomengrates and ripe pig tree fruit as toppings.

Soup - something like meat balls but with dough, good taste.

Look at my dinner plate , it has fried rice with raisin's, beef and rolled chicken meat inserted with nuts and some herbs or veggies that I taste. moments now and here I am pouring my glass of red wine.Just below half of my glass ,I might not drive our toy car to go home. "Don't drive while you drunk" right?

my friend Erika and her fiancee on the third long table from us.

There are a lot of foods prepared by the village kitchen chefs. I saw the bread, cakes and cookies.Fresh sliced of different kinds of fruits, cooked of dried mixture fruit called "komput".You pick what you want but I picked some and brought home, lol. Tea, coffee and colds drinks in another corner of the dinning hall. Great time and gathering that I included to my treasured moments here in my work place , Mishmar Hasharon.



>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

On September 18,2009 will be the Jewish New Year's Eve holiday.They have dinner and I am sure I'll be sitting beside my employer.It is my responsibility that where ever she goes I'll be on her back or beside her. lol..

In the bible Israel is called as "the land of milk and honey", so during their new year's eve they always prepared a long table dinner for the whole family(private) and here in my work place(kibbutz) is for the whole village people gathered together.Erev roshashana is the new year's eve in the whole world celebrations. Roshashana means "head of the year" . So..expect me to eat all their foods speacially their fruits of the year.Here are some lists of fruits and each symbol why they need to eat and prepared all of these during new year.

Hello world..did you know that pomegranates has 613seeds inside of one fruit? I know Jewish counted this,lol.Just today and my first time ever I knew these, thanks to them sharing their knowledge and spreading their beliefs of new year holiday.This fruit is the number one special at the long table together with honey during the erev hag (new year's eve) .

Honey  symbolizes the sweet whole year.

Bread, and other fruits was deepen to honey before swallowing, hehehe. I'm just following what they are doing specially if the family of where I'm working with is eating it.

Green spinach  symbolizes for green year with good harvest in the farm. They also prepared rounded head carrots.

Dates as sweet also, black eyed beans, leek, apples and gourd and more leafy fresh salads.

Rosh means head , so they are eating the "head of the fish"  which symbolizes the abundancy and fertility.


meet my new friend ERIKA

>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hello my new friend ERIKA, sexy, blond, white complexion, faithful friend and a good chef. Look at the image below, she brought me last night a big sliced of peaches cake she made. Waahhh....I did not slept until I did swallowed it all, sigh.Imagine she came after my heavy dinner, 1 kilo my score on weighing scale again in just one night grrrrr. But sorry she is already committed to one handsome local guy here in my work place.hehehe.Remember JHING_CUTIE ? her contract was finished and she will be going home to get marry to his pinoy (pa rin) bf that she found in Internet.
Erika love to bakes all kinds of cakes, bread and cookies . So you have the right to blame her why I am chubby but not slowly lazy caregiver now, lol.Soon I will feature here all the recipes she will be or we will be making , as I told you I am just a helper in times like this doing dish washing jobs. You know me where I had been and grown up. I am expert to all herbs cooking or those foods in the mountains or in the jungle.Sigh but proud as it was my reality of my life.


My'ONE'Sunday Exploring Jerusalem

>> Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sunday, Sept 06,2009..I joined the "Jesus is Lord" groups (Natanya) for their tour in some biblical sites in Jerusalem. is means that we went to most of the archaeological dug ups and under the grounds sight seeing ruins during the second temple of religious wars.

Our first stop by was in Mt. Olives that most tourist came for early morning sight seeing on the other side of the hills that we saw the city of David ruins and the tip of the golden dome.
I'm trying to ignored this beggar when I step down to our service bus but he hold my bag asking for alms.He still strong enough to work I thought, so I did not gave any cents.This is in Mt. Olives scene in front of the hotel.

Way down to the service bus, front view of the hotel.Olives trees are everywhere
On our way or before the service bus travel we are always praying, the driver was always the regular (suki na) contact with this groups and if he heard praying he respect also by turning off his car stereo music.....Why this two women not closing their eyes? hmmm...woman in pink was Sis Digna - maybe she was calculating our expenses silently on her mind and the other one is Dorothy...ahhh..I knew it, she is planning all the pauses she need to be on her photographs, picture maniac yan eh...hahaha like me.
On the Mt.Olives Tent/church of JIL groups with pastora Tess in yellow and another pastor minister I think in checkered blouse
Another menorah statue behind us in front of Knesset/parliament building in Jerusalem.
Behind me is the parliament building or Knesset, so ..I standing in between the biggest menorah and the Knesset building
We are now in synagogue, silence is strictly observed, look at the door frame I'm still lucky I can got inside but if I'm gain another 5 kilos I cannot get inside I'm sure.
This is what we found inside.....wait... I will ask first what is that thing covered behind me!? ..di kc ako nakikinig sa lecturer eh...hahaha...imagine ko lang puntod ni KING DA
ENTRANCE/EXIT GATE we finished exploring the museum.
Those are the miniatures of ruins of the Jerusalem during the second temple.It is sorrounded by concrete walls.Nice works and design talaga, kung baga sa plants bonsai pero mga infrastructure yan during the stone age. King David palace and the east west gates . etc.Steel railings are just high as above the waistline . In every corner or there are a lot of signages " do not climb " sa lupa naka lagay ang iba, ala naman akyatan ...nagtataka lng ako.
Jumping for joy in Israel Museum vicinity -mga nakawala sa amo hahaha
Ooppsss...seems there is serious forum here, sorry I didn't heard what it was.nag dugtong na kilay ni kumpare eh,..pero teka...kumare pala ...hehehe
here is the BREAD much is the one piece?hanep sa english eh.. 5-10 nis, what!? without gold? about with that pounded herbs and how does it taste? a lil sour and smell mints,there is a pepper taste also. ngeee...I remembered the "apog & buyo " then "nganga " for mangyan ..hahhaha
okey ...I want only one without that ground herbs because the streets on the way we are tracking was so clean they immediately will see if I 'll blow...So plain bread breakfast . I woke up 4am and I slept 2 am that night and now is already 10 am...
We just came out from the last suffer room at the rear building, why so happy ? because we saw the only one street bread vendor...all hungry...
Look...c Dorothy ung naka talikod...right side with checkered blouse was the guide lecturer at saan ako...hehehehe..di talaga nakikinig pakaway kaway pa hahahaha
Before we entered the city of David site/sanctuary I heard??? hehehe...we are all excited but when we came out there a lot of traffic police , they suspected the bag left in nearby trash bins has a bomb. So...we ran to our service bus and left the area immediately. alah! bilis namin ..hehehe



>> Friday, September 04, 2009

ISRAEL version of survivor tv reality show "hisardut" as they name it here was the Philippines as their chosen location. Contrary to all those websites saying that it's airing will be in the month of October but it was already on the third night(tonight) for their third episode at channel ten(10) here in local tv stations . We are now in the month of September and not October as they stated in their previous reports.

First aired was last Saturday, it's already one week today and Sunday is our day off here. I don't know if some fellow caregivers encountered like mine .Early morning I went to the "Dohar"(post office) then on my way to the flat where I'm staying and even here in my area they used to asked me about my own native land . I passed thru the "hakenyon"(mall) in Natanya city,entrance guard asked me from where I am, they always mistakenly asking that I was from Thailand and sometimes from Nepal,they spoiled my day, lol. I'm always proudly answering from Philippines! then he told me what he had seen that last night , it was first airing of survivor Israel version.There are some locals approaches me inside the mall until I've gone through the place. I'm happy walking down toward the city center that despite of all negative shows for some caregivers ,they are now recognizing how was we are before we came here to work as caregivers.

They added that how nice my country Philippines was thru that airing of survivor. Some amazed because most citizen here are afraid or don't know how we are grateful to have the best and nicest islands that they will enjoy in visiting Philippines."Tiyul" is the word they said as they explored most cities world wide as a part of their life as an Israeli citizen.Before they render their duty as young soldier and after their duty as a soldier of the state of Israel they must go to places where they wanted to visit.And as of this time they're doing their complete research how the Philippines is. I'm glad and assured them for their complete satisfaction in visiting my country. One thing to say is most areas and islands has already one caregiver used to work here caring their elderly people. And lastly our second major language is an English dialects that even small children can speak and understand English word.



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