>> Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wishing upon the star and making a million wish are what then why peoples coming back and fort here in the Western Wall or we called it wishing Wall.You can wish as many as you can. Write your wish to the smallest piece of paper then insert it to the to the smallest ditch spaces in stones on the wall.If you are first timer here and you can see those inserted papers you will say that "how come and how to insert it there , no vacancy at all and it is full already". Insert it very well and be sure the paper will not to fall then walk backward of going way out so that the wish will be grant unto you.

Around seven in the morning that we arrived at the eastern main gate, see how many tourist waiting when to open the gate?
These are some few policies to follow while inside the place. Please click the image to read, it is written in English and Hebrew.
Gender is strictly observed here. You see the divider made of steel? - on right side are the woman's place to pray and wish. On the left side are mostly religious men praying.
Here is what we called the lobby , more than a half size of the praying area to where the tourist guide making his lectures to his visitors about the place.Need to be silent on the praying area and on the side of the wall.
Tables are for writing wishes and putting their "tanah" (read as "tanak" - bible) of some religious woman.
This is our companion Dorothy wearing the blue blouse gave by guard in the entrance gate to use while in the area . Prohibited (as written in board above image) to wear sleeveless, wide open blouses that seen the woman cleavages,leggings or tights.She don't like to wear it because we are sure how many thousands of tourist wearing it already but she don't have choice or else we cannot enter the praying area.It is free and no charge at all just return it before going out the area.
See the religious men praying near the stone wall.Some are sitting but mostly they are standing wearing their costume clothing that they are used for prayer time only.
Bibles are for everybody to use but need to return on that book shelves after using. This religious woman cleaning the plastic curtains on the the sidewall and the flooring. I really don't know if she is employed there because just now I saw it for how many times I went this place.Imagine how wide she will wipe and bend every time if she saw black dirt due to shoes and sleepers in that area.? I have image while she is scrubbing and bending her waist but it is too rude or that might mis-understood by some readers.
Entrance gate from old city busy shopping place, another line to wait for bag scanning and inspections. Don't be surprise if you are here that everywhere you go there are checked point. They are not getting tired of doing it for the safety of all people.

Wishing the whole world for PEACE! See you on the other side of this wall next week. I thought it was different world but it is not.



>> Sunday, July 26, 2009

THANKS to NEW EC support team!!BRAVO!!!Now I'm back and I can freely log in to my account on entrecard. All figures , credits points are all intact and reportedly neat & clean. I "CANCELLED" all paid ads as it announced/posted last July 22 on EC blog.WHO's WHO here during I'm out in this world of dropping


Caregivers caught abusing their employers

>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

I would like to thanks ROLLY for sending me this news from US caregivers abused her employer.To let you know that here in my location has many issues of caregivers caught on camera abusing their employers. Not only Filipino caregivers but all other worker like what I've seen on tv news report was caregiver from India, Nepal, etc.One pinay caregiver shown abusing her employer but after her police custody she was diagnosed as mentally ill due to her family problem occurred after her arrival in Israel.The children's of their employers had doubt so they installed the secret surveillance camera inside the room where the elderly always staying or some are mostly installed in all corners of the house.

I understand that we are all human beings and patience has an end. But for all normal people or caregivers working with the elderly should look for any options if they are already running out their patience. Going outside or leaving the employers alone inside the house during the arguments is good idea that I'm giving to all caregivers now . But be sure that they are out of danger before leaving alone inside the house.Employers always insisting that they are in the right position which is not all of them are on their clean mind. Due to so many medicines they are taking everyday their attitudes sometimes was so strange.No win win cards for caregivers in this situation, so...if one caregiver had hard time working with the present employer he/she must decide to leave that work and look for another. There is no any reason of staying there in long period of time. And lastly nobody force someone to stay or work if you cannot handle or you cannot manage the assigned job .


Night Swimming Options

>> Friday, July 24, 2009

Jelly fish invaded the whole shoreline of Israel for few weeks now, the news warned peoples of not going to the sea. An options and advices for better using the swimming pool for the whole summer.I was invited in some night swimming with friends birthdays in Bat Yam , Tel Aviv, Quessaryya and in Netanya but unfortunately none of those schedule has been true. I bought this set of swim suits that make me looks good and I'm so excited for more than four years not getting swim in the sea since I got this job.Yesterday I had a thoughts of another options to where this outfit of mine will be useful. Every morning I was so wet during the shower time of my old woman then I used my swimming suits in the bathroom while cleaning my employer.'s not useless in buying this outfit.Any options?? night suits maybe?....hehehehe.


Cooking and Food Time Talks to caregivers!

>> Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Since I started to work here we agree that I can cook my food once in a while because they have village kitchen here, they called it "kadar'ha'okel"(not sure of the spelling but words sounds like it) which means "DINNING PLACE".We have food budget there but sometimes we are looking our native foods to eat. No problems to the office who manages the old woman and also to the family around her. But sometimes the elderly itself is the main problems. Some caregivers never never allowed to cook or bring foods even that is their local foods to their work place. For caregivers wanted the work assigned to them, stay there and sacrifice, if not you can go out and look for another job.In my situation is different it is she likes me to cook sometimes and hate sometimes.So..I need to observed first the mood before cooking. lol. I'm expecting that to all elderly because of their life experiences they've always bear in their mind the word "SAVING of EVERYTHING!" and need to do it then followed them.This is one treasure I acquired in working here as caregiver to an elderly."Save___ , save___ and save___ and save___."

Now , lets go to cooking - Last Sunday's tiring trips to Jerusalem , Monday- we're been to the general consultant of my old woman in Billingson hospital, one hour maybe drive up to there and another hour coming back home.Tuesday- a regular tiring day here inside the house and now Wednesday- I'm feeling a little bit homesick. I want to eat something that makes me feels good. I always have here a rice stick noodles, I bought veggies and fruits every Sunday before coming back to work and some ingredients have already in my cabinet. is what I cooked......pancit bihon!!!

Hey wait...Oh yeah! you're right! NO MEAT AT ALL ! I want to escape eating meat for few days maybe. I've just cooked it with chicken flavor mix and soy sauce(toyo-silver swan) with the biggest onions I found in public market.Joining one big head of garlic also and olive oil.No salt and pepper added, veggies are carrots, broccoli flower and cabbage.


Caregivers Watchlist #4-MEDICINES

>> Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Contrary to all medicines packages warnings and written as " Medicines stored in a place that cannot be reach by children's and infants" , for caregiver it should be another things to do. Based of my experiences the manufacturer should indicates these phrase I've changed here as "All medicines shall be stored and keep out to avoid reaching by ELDERLY Patients". Those patients night life walking around the corner of the house with their caregiver living in another room sleeping in a sweet, wet dreams. They don't feel their employer doing something like washing the cleaned dishes, fixing all fixed clothing, changing and putting pictures from their old,old photo albums to another albums and sometimes cleaning the floor while on the day time they cannot even buttons their blouses then let the caregiver do it for themselves.Lucky caregivers they have something to do and be their lifetime job .But it is the big wonders how it was be specially to the family members that during their visits the elderly parents showing different acts and stories.

One caregiver told me that one middle of the night she heard that her employer was in the kitchen . She ran out the hurries she could thinking that might fall but she found out Laxatives packages that the elderly holding and she don't know how many tablets the elder took that time.When asked by the caregiver yelling is the answer and who is this caregiver asking to her as employer. Employers(elderly) knows everything as they always said to us and we must followed them not anybody else around . The next day they called the ambulance heading to the hospital. After 3-5 hours taking laxatives you will called by the nature that you need to be in the nearest comfort rooms. Up there elderly putting all her energy to put out all what they felt inside due to overdosing laxatives.Over all stories and each ending
" Everything of what's going on was the big blames to CAREGIVERS on that time working with them".Poor caregivers that can't help what to do but just to cry to spill out their feelings.



Sharing you all my short visits to "The Tower of King David" last Sunday. It was another treasure written on my mind and in my heart touching , reading and going around the 2000 years old citadel era of Jerusalem's history. Please visit the Museum for more history written there.

This is the first image of David's city way back **10th century BCE** prior to the building of the Temple of Mount Moriah.The area was called as Keryat Ye'arim and now it is Jerusalem , named after King David conquered and ruled the city.
The perspective and infrastructure view of the whole tower that made of pre-cast steel during the Roman period or the latest generation developed to show how it looks like before the history was made.
This is the signage in front of the tower just beside the busiest old city of Jerusalem going down to the Wishing Wall.
Waited for thirty minutes to open the gate, we arrived earlier that the scheduled time of opening will be ten in the morning. We never knew that their time schedule, we just saw on the board written when we are already there.
I'm outside the tower, see the flags above? and how high the walls?that is the highest point I've ever walked and climb the stairs to have full sight seeing around Jerusalem.Not straightly up there, we sit down few minutes in the audio room then went to room by room where images was displayed.
This is in one room, I need to eat some more butter to add few centimeters to touch that sign above.
This is the image of the Temple Mount courts during the Herrodian period.If you not seen the place maybe your first thought was just around the corner basing all the stories. To tell you frankly in one whole day is not enough knowing what it really means and their origins. Naduduling na ako, nuh!
See how it looks before and now is so different. I'm so confused reading all the history where it begins. If I started reading at the age of seven years old maybe this time I can tell completely what this site is all about.
Here is the inside parts of the tower where all their activities held.Did you see around the high walls and rooms of no windows at all. So dark inside and the pathways are narrow.I can imagine now like the stadium but built before as wall with an open space in mid area.
This is after we got inside the gate hurrying who first sit down the concrete bench, We all looks like happy but so tired of waiting outside with this summer heat that almost burn my eye brows.

At last I am the first one to reach the exit gate. Should go by groups or else you will get lost like one of our companion. She waited in the middle but most of us waited downstairs.It has different locations of mini exits and stairs. When the guards saw us directing the main exit they have to checked the whole area because during the entry they count us and they found one of our companion left in the middle of the tower.We just stayed for two hours or less maybe which I cannot finish reading and checking it for the whole day , I think. So ..tired!


Medical updates of my old woman and ..........

>> Monday, July 20, 2009

"TAKING PICTURES IN THE HOSPITAL EITHER INSIDE OR OUTSIDE ARE PROHIBITED " this is what the guard told from nowhere after I took pictures outside in one entrance of the Billingson hospital in Petatechva.I want to have pictures of any hospital anytime where we go with my employer.I will show it to my daughter studying medical courses and to inspire her to work abroad if she will finish in school.The guard insisted me to erase it on the spot but I explain to him that I will not make any trouble or what ever using these pictures. I'm just working here as caregiver then pointing my employer sitting on a wheelchair behind us talking.My employer said that I love taking pictures to send to my family in the Philippines.Guard didn't answered anymore then left us.A surprising moments while waiting my supervisor to pick us from the parking area and drive us home.

Nice compliments for me when we got inside the doctors room holding all the blood test results as proof of my good performance of taking care to my employer. Eldest son of my employer was his friend that is why it was the family consultant. My old woman respect all instruction giving to her what to do, she believed and follow on him. Final words from the doctor "everything was fine and in good health status at her age, then said thanks to you!" Feeling great but it was a tiring day folks that I need to sign out and get some rest.


my unfinished visit to YAD VASHIEM

>> Sunday, July 19, 2009

I messed up the most and important things in the history of Holocaust that each one here needs to know. My friends and co-workers went inside where those images and they viewed the nicest story as they told me when they got back to our service car. I had this pains on my legs after our lunch but I ignored it until I almost not to lift my feet when a few minutes roaming the area.Our youngest lady in the group , KLING_KLING also felt not good then invited the three of us to back to the parking area and stayed there until our companions finished their route.(SAYANG talaga! namitig paa ko.)My left leg down to foot had a cramps and sprain, it was so painful that I"ve almost cry but there is no regrets at all for joining the tour.

Around 12 noon when we arrived the area and we are all hungry that most of us just took a cup of coffee leaving early as five in the morning in our respective employer and some are from their rented flats. Five thirty when our service car moved heading Jerusalem then we arrived the proper area of about seven in the morning .
On the left side of this huge concrete post we took our lunch as fast as we could because we need to go back to city of Natanya before four in the afternoon to fix some of our needs to bring in our work place for the whole week .From here there is another area to go but sad to say that all of us was so tired and agree to go back to Natanya. This hot summer heat teach us not to have schedule again some kind of tour like this.
This is inside the Yad Vashiem area.If you notice the circular steel with full of stone pieces in front of me there. All was left by Jewish people visiting the area for the signs of their visits. That is their tradition that even in all cemetery everywhere they are putting stone pieces above the graves of their lost relatives.
See how many peoples around visiting there? so crowded to look around those numbers of tourist from all over the world.
This is outside children's memorial building that I decided not to go inside , it was so dark place then I try to look at the main door I felt dizzy . A very sweaty day going around and no enough air blowing that time when we are there.

Way to the video room to view their history how it was written.I did not got in also , I'm looking the water fountain that I need to wash my face to relieves of what feeling with. Or maybe I had a bunch of lunch as you can see my tummy was full . I ate "pinakbet" , special menu of all veggies exclusive for filipinos only. And spicy " bagoong alamang "(preserved salted baby shrimps).... ahhhhh.....what a great fun and food festival for us because we cannot cook and eat all of these to our work place especially to those worker for religious families.

Most of us felt like no more energy and power to walk through the hills, I felt I have dry mouth down to whole parts of my body. We just brought small mineral water when we enter that we don't have any idea how far we gonna walk.I look around from the highest peak of the area that I felt I crossed two high mountains. I don't know or maybe we are just staying all the time inside the house looking after our employers need.



>> Friday, July 17, 2009

Almost two months that I've never joined any trips and tours due to so many reasons.First financially then my workload. Trips scheduled was during Saturday nights for night swimming that I cannot go out regularly.

Looked!!!what I have prepared as of today.I cleaned my TOE NAILS (la,la,la,sing) with nice polish courtesy of DHEMZ , how nice ,right? My new footwear that I asked favor to the youngest son of my employer if in case they passed by the factory of TEVA from work , an American signature of footwear here,to please buy me one pair.That's what I always wanted to wear the men's outfit, lol.

Hey..looked up the foods - preserved papaya before I forgot everything to bring. If I feel dizzy along the way just let me smell the sweet and sour then I will be feeling alive.hehehe.Pumpkin seeds,mixed nuts, banana chips, fruits must be taste sour.I'm afraid to eat lunch if it is not on the way home, I might throw it all and dispose in the middle of somewhere.(sigh)

Ooopppss....I almost forget ! I'm so excited! Our destination: YAD VASHIEM- if you seen in the news world wide that most dignitaries are visiting this place . Now this is my first time to be there, will be the old city of Jerusalem, I've been there for how many times but still loved to go back .Might be , if time still allow us in Jerusalem Museum and wishing wall again.We are all friends working as caregivers for elderly here.


Read more... was SOLD

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

As I crawl in some bloggers thru ADGITIZE ads I read one blog that entrecard was in new ownership as of this time. That certain blog copies few stanza's in EC blog.I came out to read some of ADAM's new blog all the reason of all his reasons and out. But still I OWE him and all the staffs there a lot that I meet and know some bloggers and their respective blogs. THANKS and BEST of LUCK !

Okey, now I know that for how many months all of those problems in EC log in , etc., the daily tickets I send was replied by computers on duty there. It was a big weights to ADAM's head then he finally sold it out and open a new blog in

So...guys I'm still waiting to the new owner of entrecard to fix my problem and I'm hoping they will , so that I can pay you back by dropping credits.



>> Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello bloggers.....Did you checked your URL once in a while? or either your domain in google search?Did you noticed sometime that your URL are some blogs or site that you don't know what it is? Here I found another crazy creatures but I don't know who are they doing this.I never opened their sites or any of those pornographic videos anywhere on the web. I'm not interested of viewing those nasty things.I'm sure this is one reason why I lost my PR2 .This is a very disgusting kind of acts on the web.I'm still searching why I lost the PR2 that my blog contents will benefits both elderly peoples and the workers and/or caregivers . I don't have any domain yet and how come I have that sub-domain . I have a problem on opening a bank account here in my location that is why I can not use my money stored on Paypal. They are not allowed and they don't understand how I will used it to PAYPAL account on the web.

אתרים באינטרנט - תוצאות 1 - 10 מתוך כ- 24 עבו (0.21 שניות) has one IP record ... www.vhing4all-il-ph. · ·
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... - 43k - דפים דומים

* · · · ...* - 47k


You're the 1, Goldilocks

Each time I went vacation I never forgot to got inside in any Goldilocks outlets before coming back abroad for work.I am so proud bringing "pasalubong" (present) to my employer of some Goldilocks products and let them taste.They like it too, seems good flavors they said.Believed me or not, I brought more than 10 kilos hand carry of polvoron , all pie's flavor, pastillas ,etc here and sold it double the prices to my co-workers. Sorry Goldilocks but it is caregivers business each time I went back to work here.Polvoron and pastillas are easily to find in some Asian food store here but it takes just one day-off to finished all stocks if all pinoy's heard that they have Goldilocks products on display.

"You're the 1, Goldilocks because you are always on my heart even I'm far from home and I'm missing you always! "



>> Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If you are working abroad you can always remembered the smallest thing back home.This morning I went to the village store here in my work place.I want to have lunch with white plain rice. I'm just consuming one kilo of rice for the whole month. Imagine if I'm home one kilo is not enough for a single meal.Funny to tell but it was true. This country was not planting rice and even citizen's here don't know how it looks like before they are buying it in the store.They knew it is rice ready to cook but if you asked them where, what the colors or kinds, classifications, etc. they just turning their heads left to right which means they don't know.Just lately when airing reality tv shows and some issues on Internet they saw others facts about rice.
Look at the image how much one kilo of rice I bought, it is worth more than a hundred pesos (P100 ) in the Philippines .There are still higher prices than these quality but it was in the same taste . For me this is not the first class quality of rice. I grown up surrounded by rice that is why I know if something smell on the rice . I know if it was wet or dry during the harvest season until packaging for market exchanges to cash as one source of living. Most processed foods and this rice here are from Thailand, why from there? mostly citizen's here love to spend vacations in that country.Because of higher rice prices, I used to eat more fruits and veggies and it is more cheaper than rice compared to other prime commodities that I need.Wonders bothered me most , I'm still gaining weights even eating less rice.SAD!.



>> Friday, July 10, 2009

One of the regular routine of caregiver is to go "letayel", going outside to unwind together with their respective employers.Some are like schooling going to their regular schedule in "moadon", it is an elderly club or organizations.Others are meet in the park nearby and some are in the fast food chain around.

Yesterday before sunset my friend Jhing_cutie called me to go in nearby McDonald together with our employer but my employer don't want to go out.So we stayed home the whole day. At around 7 pm that almost dark as they came back, she in hand me this McDonald hamburger and french fries.So..this is my dinner for late night then. One thing good in our work as caregiver was we talk and see friends during our working days if our employers can still go out for letayel.


Caregivers Watchlist #3 HIDDEN RASHES of ELDERLY

>> Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sweating is normal for people who are working or doing some sporty activities. Health studies indicates that normal sweating is a sign of good health. For elderly, summer sweating is bad for all corners of the body like armpit, under boobs, waistline , on the ass or butt , on their crotch (singit) and even in between toe fingers.If all these body corners remains wet by perspiration's of the whole day wearing "titulim"(elderly sanitary wears) it becomes rashes in the next day. First to check is the reddish skin, if that certain parts of skin will not clean immediately it will be itchy and elders have the habit of scratching most of the time.Usually it becomes worse after scratching then on the next few days it will become bedsores. How difficult to cure patients with bedsores? I'm having bad appetite after attending patients with bedsores. It takes me days of no meals or not eating, I just want everything to have are veggies and fruits. Do you know that sometimes bedsores causes death when it is already on bad situation especially to bed ridden patients? This is always happening when the bedsores are having some infections.

I had this experienced in Tel Aviv when I went vacation in the Philippines for 45 days . Before I left she was physically fit excluding to the point that she is already an Alzheimer patient.While I'm having good time on my vacation,the work I left was in reversed situation. The old woman was looking for me day and night , she don't want to eat if I will not come back.No one called me until I went back . To my surprise when I saw the face of the eldest son of my patient, he pick me up from the airport, a sign of loneliness. I thought it was gone and finished.He told me what happened the day I left and for how many times they go back and fort to the hospital for just 45 days that I'm out for vacation.So...from the airport heading directly to my work the first thing I felt and smell when I opened the door was like a rotten rat. Sorry but it was true.That is the smell of having bedsores with infections and surely no one escapes for that conditions. How many holes of bedsores from head up to heals and the whole left foot.The bones are already decomposed little by little and all around it. I did my best until three months that I gave up and ended calling her children to have decisions transferring their mother to a recovery institutions . But it was too late to be there and she passed away after one week of lying in there.

Since then I'm using the petroleum jelly . To avoid bedsores need an early treatment by applying an amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly (cream) on the first stages of rashes or reddish areas after washing and drying it well. Not prescribed by any skin specialists but we caregivers proved it already.Available in all leading stores worlwide.



>> Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I was tagged by Simply Happy Life and so nice to be on the list among bigtime bloggers here. Thank you very much TSANG!.

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We Are The World Bloggers Master List:
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Now I want to tag the following bloggers: Positive Men, My Lifestory ,Remixmax, "PLACES,PEOPLE,EVENTS,GOOD FOOD and MY LIFE" , KIZUNA - Ties and Bonding , Kitchen Recipes by Chelle , My Thoughts in Daily Living ,Around Nature Spring, We live to tell God's "Amazing Grace", Absolutely Joro, Josie's Window , Klinika Kinetics and My World and Family Inspirations



COFFEE can boosts your brain

>> Sunday, July 05, 2009

Being caregiver working to an elderly I am interested reading news that is related to patients where I am working with. In tel Aviv I worked with Alzheimer's patients and also to dementia Alzheimer.As I've said in my previous posts that the general thoughts if you know or heard the word Alzheimer it is means a hard work to a strong kind of patients. In my experienced it is different kinds of patients which also have different kinds of attitudes that has only similarities during the night time.They are sleeping less hours even taking sleeping pills.One caregiver told me before that don't let them drink coffee or any liquid that has caffeine after lunch so that they will sleep well during the nights.Sometimes it works but most of the time not.

Now I found the news that the latest study based on an experiment to a mice is may reverse "Alzheimer's" In another research coffee may cut the risk of having dementia by blocking the damage cholesterol . It's been reported also that coffee may protects female memory.A very interesting article to read especially to all woman .Please click the red highlighted topics for these complete reports. It is also important to know what are the benefits we get from coffee .



>> Friday, July 03, 2009


~~~~~to all who left comments in my previous post " What Happened to my pc?". The Mrs. Mecomber's Scrapbook blog gave a lot of time sending me email for tutorial how to fixed my pc. But lately I decided to changed my browser to firefox. Her blog talks about computer technology problems, etc. , so you can visit her anytime and you can ask regarding this matter. The Dias Family Spot and My Life's Perception and Inspiration authored by Dhemz that she is always there for me to help even she had hectic schedule on her life's daily routine.
*** SHYDUB left some words to comfort me.Here are some of her blogs that you can enjoy and learn while visiting ***My Solitude and Serenity***Simply Happy Life and ***Worth's Road..... SHAINE found this related problems on EC LOG IN please read her assorted posts but it was there included.She is second to Dhemz that I always disturbed every time I had headache on my blogs . Cacai ... Josie , Rolly ..... Cicele , ..Lavern , Chuchie. I'm so grateful of having YOU here in blogsphere that always there any time I needed you, most esp. to chuchie my daughter on the web - lol. and Cacai is my niece on blogsphere.

To those who left message on tag board -I'm proud to all of you guys as my bloggers friends. To all EC droppers - your drops still counted on my mind and promise I will visit all of you soon even without dropping EC.As you drops ec it will appears to my recent ec droppers widgets, so..I will not take out all my widgets until no further notice from ENTRECARD.

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