DR.DOCTOR I am SICK, please call my CAREGIVER very QUICK

>> Wednesday, November 05, 2008

speaking of world change now a legendary rhymes for children's schools has been change also,lets dump this rhyme "MOTHER,MOTHER I AM SICK ,CALL THE DR VERY QUICK", as caregivers exploring the whole world to do their best in taking care of an elderly,to peoples with disabilities or sometimes serving the whole family,sometimes its a generation of services like from grandparents then next to their children until extending it to their grandchildren. its been a usual practice or word that first they call their caregivers before anyone else for everything they need,every moves that only caregivers know it very well,especially to those very loyal for their employers.wonders in such line of job and most asked why caregivers staying for this hard rock type of profession they choose to every employers where they are,some are serving 10yrs,20yrs and mostly 3-5yrs,usually we heard , its not the money that counts but the GENEROSITY of employers that they are giving to their caregivers serving with them faithfully.

today we will go to the family dr of my employer,she's not feeling well since yesterday afternoon,she told me that there's something uncomfortable in her tongue or somewhere in the throat,or somewhere in that part until she used to tell for a hard breathing,a bit pain but not critical as she said and i observed the change of her voice,sounds like she'd been engage to singing contest last night,again ...i'm the one first to know before she dialled numbers and talked to her relatives around ,i'm very passionate to my work already not just because i need it so badly but to the point that its very hard to her(my employer) that other people handle for her status at the age of 95years old is not a joke and me as always together with her day and night , i know totally and feel what's going on for her in every moves she did,though i'm lucky as this an answer to my prayers before to give me a work for an elderly that she can walk,understand whats going on ,she still knows what she wants and for the dangerous thing is that she never call me if she's doing something because she taught she could make it alone without my assistance,shes a great woman i've ever meet.a woman that everybody called her as ONE OF A KIND,a love of everyone here and respectable mother and for all of her painstaking has paidoff as by this time of her age she still witness her sons images on biggest billboards in this nation on displays,reflecting motherly aspirations and now on its historic age we can see,shes happy everytime and everyday watching tv news that her son was there always and i feel that through her smiles her life is completely accomplish.


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