>> Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yesterday i went to the post office in the nearby village.My employer was in the elderly club at that time.This is a small postal service that every village you can find .Sending is very easy and fast if the computer is not hanging.I meet there two BURMESE filing thier account,they opening an account that they used to get thier salary.Theres a lot of foriegn workers recieving that kind of salary procedure.I dont have these kind of process because the childrens of every employer i have was the one who recieved the check ,then they incash it and give it to me .Sometimes i dont understand why some family is making the hard ways to thier caregivers regarding this matter.Most filipinos here have no problem in filing like these because everywhere you go there's always one you can meet .In some areas the clerk was not speaking english.So most of us forced to speak hebrew that sometimes turns to a sign language because its differs in meaning when the accent of its foriegn workers pronounce.In yesterdays incedent , the clerk on her 50's got the hard way to interview because the one who filed was not speaking in hebrew neither in english but accompanied by another friend of him with a few english.There is also a guy on his 30's who brought them but never assisted the two burmese. I heard he spoke to somebody in the cellular phone on an arab dialects, so i dont understand if it is regarding the two.It takes a long time that i have only few minutes needed to get back.I am familiar in that post office and the clerk knew me where i'm working.She took my 2 packages and finished in less than 5minutes maybe.After that i used to ask these men that i know where they came from.I let them write thier names in thier own alphabet but i did take it home because at the back of the papers is there what they wrote in english so that the clerk will understand.A very hard time.I used to ask the interpreter if they finished in schools.He showed his college ring that written in english as he graduated in line of agriculture but i'm not sure if it is.I just send two packages and some i brought back home.I cannot stay more minutes because i need to pick up my employer from the club.


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