>> Friday, November 07, 2008

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: I CAN NOT READ MY EMAILS ANYMORE!!-(funny)- if i open my yahoo mails, automatically yahoo messenger shuts down.i really don't know whats going on here, then it flashes on screen "YOU OPEN TO ANOTHER COMPUTER" HUH!?? i don't understand why it goes like this that i only have a laptop in front of me in this room,there's a lot of messages appears on explorer windows,so.. the only remedy i thought is to shuts down the power so that i can open and use it again.since i don't have any proper studies regarding this high technology resources,I'm trying to KLIK HERE,KLIK THERE procedures of mine. I'm lucky though that this MOUSE is not a living creatures because if it is, surely he bites or maybe it swallowed my entire hands already. yes...i know how to write and discuss all those technical terms about computers and some gadgets so as i owe all of those on tv advertisements,on street billboards and streamers,pictures on newspapers but to put it on in actual, a hands on i admit I'm just on my way to learn how it will a beginner its an illiterate kind of attitudes asking WHAT&WHY. there's a lot of moments that i hate myself already because i cant get it through what i wanted to do,its all in my mind but how come i cannot do it alone. i was so depressed sometimes of all these things.i always questioning myself why i spent 5 years in college in one prestigious universities in the Phil's and now i don't know whats going on around??the unexplainable point of my life.buying this laptop is not regrettable but as the days goes bye it gives me more and more challenging work to do,I NEED TO LEARN IT ALL , I'm not the type of person that just leaving one challenge without fight, a fight of my own that will lead me to go through further and be a knowledgeable kind of person in facing this high technology of present civilizations

yesterday ..during my early morning coffee time,i got a few minutes chat with my old long lost friend,maybe 20yrs ago, i found him here on the web.the time that i bought this laptop i don't know nothing ,as in nothing at all,the only phrases putting into my mind was "COMPUTER WILL TEACH YOU!" as long as you can understand english,proud to say that we pilipinos can write,read and speak english properly eventhough the young one's. i did a lot of surveys like the prices,the trade marks, how's the product itself and finally i decide to have one , the cheapest one i know.i don't believe such thing that an expensive prices are the best buys or the best quality.during first week of discoveries,its a weakest moment i ever had,I'm afraid to press keys on keyboards,its a hard breathing before touching the next keys.I've seen always some locals putting their fingers with a lot of weights that sounds not like TSK,TSAK but its already PAK,FUCK sounds. since I'm alone and no one see me if I'm doing it right or wrong ,i continued it on my own ways.all the words that first comes to my mind was klik to open an explorer until such time that i found the hometown of my husband's great grandparents place,its the island of ROMBLON (in Phil's) on the town of SAN ANDRES,its here also where this friend of mine in yesterday's chat where he was born, grown up in manila, now in australia.he is now one amongst of Phil website designer,cool moment chatting to somebody that knows a lot of things.i used to ask him those disturbances on my laptop and he politely told me maybe its VIRUS already.thats all i agreed him, so...tomorrows day off will be a nice and fun time again to the administrator of my laptop .pride touching floor again but i need to think of good before it will explode.


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