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In care giving,mediator is the person who helps and work between caregiver and elderly.Based on my experiences,these are the people behind the elderly who acts like a best friend, a family members,a social workers that explains and motivates both elderly and the caregivers. Mediators intervenes disputes between caregivers and the patients especially an elderly.Sometimes including the family members that has over concerned or a demanding kind of family members that always forget of having equalities to a caregiver .As we defined care giving,it is a person who extends their love and care to an elderly without any expense of disturbances in their daily life routine.As a caregiver to an elderly,i should say that how hard the work will be, if the family members understands both the elder and caregivers , maybe we don't need extra mediators here.

I got this email about a mediators and care giving from one of a radio blog.The guest speaker was citing his friends experiences to their mother.After listening it comes out to my mind of what i heard from other workers and some in my own experiences.I could say that these are usually the problems of children if they really don't understands of what we called AGING PROCESS and ACCEPTING THE TRUTH. Not just in meaning but in actual status .If one of them notice the changes in mood and something different in movements,the way she talks and any extra irregularities in attitudes from their mother,we don't need to ask or confront her.We need to observe and record if possible her daily activities.If it is more than to a usual , it needs to bring to the specialist whether she likes it or not.This is the time that we need to prepare and expect the situation to get worse.By this point the childrens conflicts starts especially during the first stage of patients conditions. So we need mediators here because it hurts to the family members that they cannot do it alone.It takes a long period of time to have findings on what is the illness or what she's suffering about.It has a lot of painstaking until the end eventhough they will hire a private caregivers.



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