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>> Friday, November 14, 2008

FRIDAY,weekend here and the busiest day of the week,some are busy cleaning,supermarkets are full of shoppers,public markets are also floods by all kinds of people,some are still half day working but most CAREGIVERS are in their work especially those stay in worker like me.we're busy too ,like me this morning,i woke up as early as 6 o'clock ,i cleaned outside ,water my few flower plants,and pick some for inside flower vase display,flowers has a great role for an elderly, an early morning smile on their faces.i do believe that the more they smiles and feels happy ,the more they are extending their lives. i prepared to clean outside for not disturbing her while still asleep.before she wake up i need to prepare her breakfast then go for shower,that's the routine comfortable to her,there are different types of morning daily routines to all caregivers,they give routine that is comfortable to every elderly,in this particular moves most elderly are not in irritated mode for the whole day.diapers delivery also this morning...its not door to door, its few meters walk from the house to where it delivers.

after all things have done to her,she needs to read newspapers,i need to have a cute ride of 5Min's to a rechargeable "calno-it" as they named it,this type of easy ride was always seen in golf courses,to reach the post office mail box area to pick up news papers,then i went to "kolvo" a village grocery for few errands that we need for Saturday because its their rest day like sunday in other countries but most business establishments are closed,before ,i heard its totally closed but now theres few are open like restaurants and some drugstores or fruit stands,cars are everywhere . some said that few years back, during shabbat streets and highways are totally clean or no cars at all.

we all know that newspapers has also a big role to every elderly,it is one way of rehabilitating or waking up their minds so as they still aware of whats going on around.some caregivers used to go outside for walking,sitting on the park and some doing a kind of fresh wind breath exercise.but me i still to go on with some household chores like cleaning her room,bed,windows etc and sometimes my room,the kitchen and living room.its almost 12 o'clock or maybe 11:45 that i finished but i need to shower then before we go to dinning room for lunch and get some foods for tomorrows meals.I'm in a hurry to go shower without bringing anything to use even though bathrobe i forgot, so i get out nude from shower running to my room. exactly 12 noon when we got out the house.

at 2 o'clock in the afternoon she needs for noon time rest, while me is busy posting, sometimes chatting with my families in the phil's and friends.she needs not more than two hours sleep. more than that she might not go to sleep the whole night but most us caregivers has nothing to do about it or we could not force them to get she gets up i'm giving some light mid afternoon snack like coffee with a piece of cake or biscuits then let her sitdown to watch tv news or some programs that she wants to see .until theres somebody to come for visits,sometimes a friend and usually grandchildrens and other extending families.


Hi! I'm Grace November 14, 2008 at 2:54 PM  

hi, vhing. maybe if i'm only bigger in stature, i would take the course caregiver, i would like to work in that field, too.

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