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DECEMBER 17,2008.Nine thirty in the morning when one caregiver found dead by the daughter of her employer hanging herself inside the bathroom.The daughter was living just nearby them said that around seven o'clock in same day they saw this caregiver feeding the cats outside.But around nine o'clock when the old woman woke up ,there's no caregiver around as like before that she saw it before the day started.The old woman called and asked to her daughter to come to look for her where abouts.Suddenly they found her inside the bathroom.They called the neighbor caregiver also from Philippines and the police.

I cannot find any news from leading newspapers today or yesterday.So I called up some of her closest friends.I was so concerned about these because I know her very well.DIVINA INCHIONG is from Balayan,Batangas.She has two kids, a boy and a girl, 7 and 6 years old only.Last month we meet in Asian store and talked ,have a kiddie jokes that she's getting younger than to her employer.Its a jokes that every caregiver here saying of we are look alike to our employers especially those working for how many number of years with them.The flat of where she was staying during the day off is desame where I am also staying for few hours and sometimes I used to sleep in that flat.Just less than a year there was another woman got sick and died in the hospital who was staying on this flat also.

Early morning of Dec. 17, 2008 Divina called a friend saying that she is badly needed money before the day ends.She needs to pay a co-worker that guaranteed her to one local financier.It sounds that somebody is making pressured to do the payments.She also said to that friend that "PLEASE PRAY FOR ME" , this is an ordinary phrases that we can heard to everyone here so she don't mind it. So, this friend answer her "okey I will" in hurry because its already start a working hours.They usually talked about the things they both in common and the big amount of money that she borrowed everywhere.

As of this moment I never heard to anyone of when and how she will be send home.


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