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I have a friend now working in UK that always convinced me to go for a change .First time she went there to work in a nursing home on far away locations.But she need and always have work in the city.One time we chat she told me that the office had permitted her to go where she wanted to with all the supports needed for hunt another job in the city.She is a RN and on her late 30's so need to find a job and lifetime partner in same period of time.She's always lucky of having a good looks and now have a 3 year old son with a nice company she's working with.It seems that she's not worried even her son or either her husband got sick.She always saying that DR. FOSTER , I just thought it was a family doctor or a friend of her husband.I always told her that no need a doctor because she is a nurse.But sometimes caring a family or any relatives especially an emergency or in critical conditions is not successful due to emotions that no one can control instantly of what they've seen in actual situations.

Last week she buzzed me again to have a chat but I'm too busy because we're going to a doctor in the city for my old woman.I just told her to leave all messages so that I can read it if we finished the appointment.She wrote : I need to get you outhere ,your (its me) already had nervous on your job, I (she) feel your working with a lot of tensions, and lot more of bla-bla-bla.Until she told again that here in UK you have a good time ,we (they) are in the high tech country , Dr.Foster (again?) is always there anytime of the day, I(she) trusted them wholeheartedly.Dr Foster UK Medical and she left this website the last message was a bit of jokes that I usually heard from most of my friends."Don't worry , I will put you on Buckingham palace coz we know your working now to a mother of dignitaries there and soon to be a prime minister ...ha-ha-ha-ha" , she is a great friend of mine with always have a sense of humor. Yesterday again , in my curiosity I opened the said website. I woke up with a headache and I want another kind of medicine to take.

Speaking of Dr. Foster , he has compiled the prevalence rates of obesity from 2006-7 for the different regions of Britain. It is the complete online medical guide resource that provides essential information on NHS and private health services in your area.

Dr.Foster Health Guides - the most prestigious and the UK's leading independent provider of health information.


Maus January 20, 2009 at 4:59 AM  

was here my friend..musta kana?

Hi! I'm Grace January 20, 2009 at 7:24 AM  

Thanks for this info, Vhing.
I dropped an EC. :)

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