>> Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Runny nose,fever, flu and coughing are always around during winter.We can see people sneezing and coughing wherever we go.No one can stop this to let others be safe like our employers.Usually both of us have in same period of time or sometime from caregiver transferring to her/his employer.An avoidable crisis for both of us if is not healed immediately.All elderly that feel uncomfortable like having all of these are not easy to handle with.Their attitudes toward us changes and they are always feeling of irritated of what we don't know and why.Pain relievers are not good anymore if you have it most of the time.We are lucky this season that it was all gone without consulting the doctor.

Muscle pains is another burden during winter.The other day my employer was complaining of pains somewhere in right side of her hips.I did a massage with pain reliever cream and I gave her a pain reliever tablets.It is a muscle pains due to lack of movements for how many hours.I mean like walking in few meters outside the house. Cold and windy outside that we could not go out so as I cannot force her to do it.Sometime this muscle pain cause by not moving side to side the whole night of sleeping.Then we woke up in the morning asking ourselves why we have pains that just sleeping soundly good.

Laziness is also one bad habit during this season.Funny to say that almost not getting up early because of cold feeling.Want to stay in bed but trying to stand up to start what to do before my employer wake up.A phrase of "I am on my work and I'm not on my own house" are the words that I need to insist to my mind.My one friend said she hates winter because there are a lot of clothing to use.She also hates to do the laundry even in machine wash.


misty January 14, 2009 at 5:25 PM  

Tumpak ms. vhing, nakakatamad talaga bumangon pag malamig...

chubskulit January 14, 2009 at 5:25 PM  

Hi vhing, visiting!

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