>> Friday, February 20, 2009

Hon.Benjamin Natanyahu was ask to form a new government early afternoon today, Friday by the Israel's PRESIDENT Simon Peres.President had been meeting with political leaders as he decided which candidate would be given the task of cobbling together a new coalition in the aftermath of Israel's national election last week.Below was a part of his speech during a low-key ceremony held in presidents residence in Jerusalem.

"I call on the members of all the factions ... to set politics aside and put the good of the nation at the center." He also urged Livni of the governing Kadima Party and Defense Minister Ehud Barak of the Labor Party to join his government.
Read more on yahoo world news ,written By MATTI FRIEDMAN, Associated Press Writer , dated today - February 20,2009 - Friday.

As one among how many thousands of foreign workers here, I am hoping that this new government will allow us to work more years in this country to our best ability of taking care their elderly and to those who are in need our services.


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