>> Sunday, April 12, 2009

No easter egg in this country that's why no egg hunting during easter Sunday here and they don't have this day on thier calendar.I saw a lot of colored plastic formed eggs in toys section of any groceries and departments stores.There is also here a chocolate formed like an egg, so anything that is formed like an eggs was considered as an ordinary toys and not for easter fun day.I never plan on this but it was happened this morning on my friend's house in HERZILEYYA.(note:names are privately kept here for some reason's).......

I went there early morning of about eight o'clock in the morning to have long and more fun stories to be told. We've friends since high school days and never heard after college days.Last year my friend knew what happened to my father and other news of me where I am then she found me in FRIENDSTER.COM thrue another friend.So we planned to meet for how many times but the schedule was always conflicting, I am stay in on my work and she has two kids of about five- a boy and four years old-a girl,so..she's busy for her daily twelve hours work as caregiver to an autism boy, plus her kids.Finally we meet this easter sunday. They are already prepared to go when I arrived.I noticed that the two kids have pacifier. But suddenly the girl said that she's hungry (emah ani ra-eva) so we went back to the kitchen for thier cornflakes with milk and for us a cup of coffee.In the middle of sweet stories the young girl again said she want to the comfort room(emah ani rotsa laleket la shirotim)but my friend left her to get her coffee and I'm watching the young boy.They are super active kids, I don't know what they are eating..hehehe. When we supposed to leave the little girl shouted again that she don't want to go without her pacifier.She don't even know where she kept it when she went to the comfort room.My friend was so angry and she's already yelling ,shouting,etc. that I joined them looking for it.We almost move everything inside the house for nearly one hour but nothing found.It's a bad day to heard words that I rarely heard in my entire life.I used to whisper my friend that I never shouted nor yelled since birth of my children then she stops and cry in one corner.So we decided not to go anymore, sit down and opened the two flat screen tv's .

After thirty minutes of calm down, I asked the little girl what she wants to bring outside if we will go to supermarket and buy something to eat like barbecue or fish that cook on fire.She stand up and pointed that baby doll cart in thier room.I found  at the bottom and covered of all pink stuffs a colored plastic egg. Then I opened it and there was a pacifier inside .She run at me and said "that's mine"(ze sheli!)...

Whew!!!! what fascinating  day I have today! hehehehe.

I just remembered when I supposed to go that I've been in easter egg hunting ..hahaha.So I went back to get photo shots the baby doll cart.


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Dhemz April 13, 2009 at 2:02 PM  

hahhaha...what a day indeed...hehehe...kakaloka! wow pacifier at their age...that's Akesha ko TVhing she stopped using pacifier before she turns one....d kasi healthy yon sa mga bata eh...minsan nakakasira ng ngipin at nakakawalang gana sa pagkain....:)

ay sana sinama kita sa easter egg hunting dito...hehehhe..madami pa eggs na d nakikita...hehehhe!

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