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In youtube videos you can see all people who witnesses this day in ISRAEL.There are videos shown in different  locations and it's amazing to see  all motorists stopping thier cars during the minutes of silence. Tonight is the  "erev zikaron" which means the commemoration all thier fallen soldiers battled in ground and space for the next day liberation of  holy land.Here in my work place have a corner in this village that all residents gathered and commemorates by offering songs, flowers , candle lighting and prayers  while mentioning of all the names of those soldiers died during thier active duty as an army and all victims of terrorism. Names of those who are born here and those who live here before.It is a solemm program and so emotional to observed and watched.Tommorrow before eleven in the morning will have another one minute siren/alarm to the whole nation.

Yom Hazikaron is observed on the 4th day of the month of Iyar of the Hebrew calendar, always preceding the next day's celebrations of Israel Independence Day.  It varies from year to year in the Gregorian calendar:
2006: May 2 
2007: April 23 (postponed from April 22 due to the latter's proximity to the Sabbath) 
2008: May 7 (moved from May 9 due to the latter's proximity to the Sabbath) 
2009: April 28 (The day opens the preceding evening at 20:00 (8:00 pm), given that in the Hebrew calendar system days begin at sunset, with a one-minute siren during which most Israelis stand in silence, commemorating the fallen and showing respect).Here is the pictures taken at Mishmar Hasharon during thier night of commemoration.I just have these two pictures because my right hand holding my employer and the left hand holding camera.What a crazy life of caregiver and same time a blogger , lol. 

I don't have my own videos where you can see motorists stopping during a one minute of silence.We caregivers are not allowed to leave our employer inside the home or work place without the permission of the family  and  there should be someone to replace before leaving the   work place.  I'm always  on my work /duty everytime of the jewish holiday of each year and I  only watched on tv live show of what is happening around. 


Hi! I'm Grace April 27, 2009 at 9:53 PM  

Hi Sis Vhing, I am here again. I enjoyed reading this post, it is so nice to learn things from other country kasi. :)

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