Caregivers Watchlist #3 HIDDEN RASHES of ELDERLY

>> Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sweating is normal for people who are working or doing some sporty activities. Health studies indicates that normal sweating is a sign of good health. For elderly, summer sweating is bad for all corners of the body like armpit, under boobs, waistline , on the ass or butt , on their crotch (singit) and even in between toe fingers.If all these body corners remains wet by perspiration's of the whole day wearing "titulim"(elderly sanitary wears) it becomes rashes in the next day. First to check is the reddish skin, if that certain parts of skin will not clean immediately it will be itchy and elders have the habit of scratching most of the time.Usually it becomes worse after scratching then on the next few days it will become bedsores. How difficult to cure patients with bedsores? I'm having bad appetite after attending patients with bedsores. It takes me days of no meals or not eating, I just want everything to have are veggies and fruits. Do you know that sometimes bedsores causes death when it is already on bad situation especially to bed ridden patients? This is always happening when the bedsores are having some infections.

I had this experienced in Tel Aviv when I went vacation in the Philippines for 45 days . Before I left she was physically fit excluding to the point that she is already an Alzheimer patient.While I'm having good time on my vacation,the work I left was in reversed situation. The old woman was looking for me day and night , she don't want to eat if I will not come back.No one called me until I went back . To my surprise when I saw the face of the eldest son of my patient, he pick me up from the airport, a sign of loneliness. I thought it was gone and finished.He told me what happened the day I left and for how many times they go back and fort to the hospital for just 45 days that I'm out for vacation.So...from the airport heading directly to my work the first thing I felt and smell when I opened the door was like a rotten rat. Sorry but it was true.That is the smell of having bedsores with infections and surely no one escapes for that conditions. How many holes of bedsores from head up to heals and the whole left foot.The bones are already decomposed little by little and all around it. I did my best until three months that I gave up and ended calling her children to have decisions transferring their mother to a recovery institutions . But it was too late to be there and she passed away after one week of lying in there.

Since then I'm using the petroleum jelly . To avoid bedsores need an early treatment by applying an amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly (cream) on the first stages of rashes or reddish areas after washing and drying it well. Not prescribed by any skin specialists but we caregivers proved it already.Available in all leading stores worlwide.


katherine July 9, 2009 at 11:58 PM  

Hirap pala talaga trabaho mo vhing. kailangang maagap ka pala sa lahat ng bagay...hay kung mayaman nga lang tayo, di sana tayo magtratrabaho ng mahirap. Sana nasa table lang at ballpen, pad or comp lang ang hawak.

levy July 14, 2009 at 3:22 AM  

Hi Vhing, thanks for sharing your experiences. Ang hirap palang maging caregiver. KAya ako, ayoko dumating yung araw na alagain na ko, kawawa naman mag aalaga sa'kin.

josie July 14, 2009 at 6:52 PM  

oo nga napakahirap magwork abroad, kala lang ng iba dito sa pinas, masarap kasi malaki sweldo, pero mas mahirap naman lalo pag walang work di ba, kaya no choice... galing mo talaga, I can see the dedication in you, kaya siguro gusto tayo ng mga foreigner kasi alam nilang maalaga tayo. keep up the good work.

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