>> Monday, November 17, 2008

binyamina #14 ,natanya - This is the usual scene during Saturdays and Sundays here.This store is exclusively for Filipinos only.Stores like this in some parts of the country like in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are for all Asian customers.Here in natanya,store owner MOSHE PEER, married to a pilipina with a teenage son and daughter,offered to use Internet services for free,a first come first serve use. I also came here to buy some but not openly using computers because i was allowed to have my own connection in my work that i can call and chat anytime my family and friends.He has a lot of patients to his 500 regular clients that he knew a little story of their lives so he can advise and help them what to do every time that they encounter a problem here.Everything that we need we used to asked him to buy, he even giving us discounts.Almost all items here are made in the phil's.


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