>> Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm in a great feelings that i found a friend like APRHODITE she's sharing me what she got and some happenings in her life ,thanks again sis,GOD BLISS! again here's what she said:
I got another award guys from Demcy. Yes, you heard me right. This time it's about being a Wondah Woman. I am gifted that God created me as a woman. I can able to serve my love ones. I can show and give happiness to them. The tender loving care of a woman is priceless and unbeatable. Congratulations Wondah Women!I am passing this award to the wondah woman I know. Milan, Vhing, Rechie, Grace, Madz, Marlym, Reiboo, Pinaymama, and you..just feel free to grab this award peeps!


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