>> Saturday, November 01, 2008

a lot of questions in your mind at this moment , i really feel it by now , these blogs title is desame with the popular tv reality show worldwide!!??? please let me explain first before everything else here and please be reminded as like a book you've judging without reading it yet or maybe sounds ONLY CAREGIVER, its all sounds like it and i can't help it or be pleased... each and everyone of you here. the only thing i believe is that all of us here has the right to exist in this universe.

while title choosing makes comfortable to me as the starting line up to bottom line story of my life ,this is a total lifespan of the whole cycle of my life .on the game - everybody here was just a contestant or an artist fighting for the price money and the throne of a word SURVIVOR, and others trying to joined for a new adventures or something like its another exposure that helps them float above the sky or what they wanted to be with ,while in reality it is so hard to cross in some obstacles or to get through of such particular situations and sometimes its the choices of life and death situations but no matter how hard,specially when it pains or how impossible it will be ,i'm trying to get through and to move on,work it out for my happiness ,satisfactions and to be somebody someday as i always said before and being here i am so as who i am now...the thoughts i could not gather anymore to where it came from all the effort even though myself i can't imagine it all.

imaginations rolling day and night , to those who knew me are wondering HOW and HOW ......
friends lets go back in where i came from .....a long long walk from a jungle to the next village and then next first town up to the far away mainland. my parents got married and
started nothing even sleepers they dont have, its the only LOVE each other they owned at that time ,days rolling again and again and days goes bye ,the fruits of love bears a lot and more than a lot coz 10 kids to feed is like a company you've building at this time,but as the saying reads the more the better and merrier. i heard from my father before that if they have more children they will received more blessings, i dont know where it came from because as of today i 'm saying its not only a blessings but its also a sufferings to each one of us their children,i'm not putting blames of pains to my parents beacuse he is, my father, is always on the top compared to his contemporaries and colleagues. matured enough to understand how the ways it goes,were so lucky that all of us finished in schools except the eldest which is disabled, what else we could ask or maybe no more .

all graduates but working not in line with what we've studied, aiming of good salary is the one who pushed us here to work and we always thinking of like something before its NECESSITY and now i'm wondering why it is already an IDEALOGY.i dont know in some pilipinos working like me here if they have desame principles on me, or maybe they did yet reach the point in their lives in desame way as like me.
and now i'm just hoping that my employer will add more years on this planet so as i need it more in few years and after this its the right time to go home and to be with my loveones until the end of our lives.and in all my thoughts maybe thats all and no more .


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