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>> Monday, November 03, 2008

YES!! its
this place was established in 1924 by a group of eightmen and two women that came to Israel from Russia. At first, this group settled in the Galilee to gain experience in cooperative life in agricultural settlements. They later moved, looking for a place to establish their own settlement. In the meantime,another group of people from Poland joined them, and they founded MishmarHasharon in 1933, in the Sharon Valley.

The Sharon Valley was deserted at that time, flooded with swamps and stricken by malaria. The new settlers dug channels and planted many eucalyptus trees in order to drain the swamps and expose the fertile land underneath, making it possible to cultivate and make a living. After years of struggle and hardship they managed to establish a flourishing kibbutz.

so proud to work on this place,i was so BLISSFUL that the agency sent me to work
here, a very quite place,nice people around - very supportive,clean surroundings,completely comfortable to work with because everything are just around the vicinity,like the dental clinic in a few meters away , the doctors clinic in just not far away,the laundry area is also a few steps to walk,behind laundry was a grocery that everything i need i can find it there ,the dinning area that i dont need to think what and how to cook food for my SAVTA(grandmother-my employer) - all foods are ready to eat and just get or choose what you want then go to the counter,we have a control number and exact amount(just for us) budget for a month,then sit down and enjoy the meal,here i admire most people regarding this practice because its only here i saw children of young age of 5 and above putting their own dishes in washing area ,its an automatic flow of washing all kitchen utensils with warm water and liquid soap ,i think ,you can see there only 1 man working ,segregating each utensils in each rack,so..easy...easy way of cleaning kitchen utensils, imagine the whole village and some other people went there to take lunch,and we all know how many hours we spent just washing dishes for how many numbers of people at all times,very tiring though,but its like CHOOSE_EAT_THROW practice here,very nice for my eyesight,my imagination went back what i've been before in helping my mother to cook for 30-50 people 4X a day for their meals , those people who are planting rice in my parents rice field,my gush!such regrettable time of my life but i have no i'm here and always said to myself " this is it - i'm in abroad".this place was never heard on me and i dont know nothing in my previous years in TEL AVIV,when the agency told me the first time that they will give good work and they are sure i can handle it,they haven't told me a kind of family that i will work with,the place or anything as in nothing at all unlike in most agencies.this time NO REGRETS ,happy and contended in this family i'm working with,a family that i always told to all my friends that they are (BROG FAMILY)my extended relatives
here in ISRAEL ,i'm not feeling of any worse homesickness because i feel at home here.a home and far away from home.


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