Cyber-shot® DSC-T300: I HAVE 1 !! ITS AMAZING!!.

>> Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Being born and grown up in mountainous environment, pictures are so SACRED to me.My first time to have pictures and saw a camera was during my grades school. I was in grade two at that time when the whole community votes for me to be a FIRST EVER KIDDIE QUEEN in more than 15 sitios and villages of the town.The festival was celebrated in mid December 1968.Since then i have some few pictures that I'm keeping where ever i go.Now is in my house in the Phils.As the years goes by, there's a lot of additional pictures on my antique box.It was in one of my wildest dream to have camera of my own.A mountains of dream that brought me here abroad.Some of my dreams was already in my hands and now this is the latest, the cute and the most amazing one:

NEW 10.1-megapixel Cyber-shot® DSC-T300 digital camera, featuring a stylish, ultra-compact design and intelligent functionality to help reduce the risk of taking a bad photo.

New model and new intelligent scene recognition (iSCN), a technology that allows the camera to analyze shooting conditions and automatically select the optimal settings for the best photo results. In iSCN mode, the camera can automatically detect up to five scenes, and choose the best setting for the situation.

In advanced iSCN mode, the camera will shoot using the user’s settings and then will automatically step in and take a second shot with optimized settings. If the camera determines that the user’s settings are best, then a second photo is not taken.

“The T300 camera shows goes beyond face detection to other functions that help customers capture their best photos automatically.”
The unit integrates a wide (16:9), 3.5-inch touch screen Clear Photo LCD PlusTM LCD screen for easy navigation and framing; a Carl Zeiss® 5x optical zoom lens; Super SteadyShot® image stabilization and high sensitivity settings up to ISO3200 to help combat blurry photos; and a powerful Bionz™ processing engine.

The camera’s updated face detection technology can differentiate between the faces of children and adults. Simply select “child priority” or “adult priority,” and the camera will automatically detect up to eight faces in the camera frame, adjusting focus, exposure, white balance and flash for the subjects that matter most.

It has applied a similar advancement to its “smile shutter” technology, an intelligent camera function that captures smiles automatically by searching for facial movements related to smiles and laughs. Capable of detecting multiple smiles instead of only one, users can apply “child priority” or “adult priority” in smile shutter mode to capture photos only when the intended subjects smile.

New controls on this model include: semi-manual focus, which lets the user set the focus range; improved auto focusing system to cover macro ranges in auto mode; and the addition of Sony’s D-Range Optimizer Plus mode that uses a higher image correction algorithm to retrieve more picture detail in bright highlights and dark shadows caused by high-contrast shooting.

As storage capacities on Memory Stick Duo™ and Memory Stick PRO Duo media cards increase, options for easily organizing, accessing and playing back photos is more of a priority. The new camera’s internal database allows for advanced filtering to later search for photos by date and smile. Images can be viewed in chronological order or displayed in a helpful calendar view, and organized in the camera’s “favorites” folder.

To view your images in stunning 1080 HD resolution slide shows, just connect the DSC-T300 camera to a compatible HDTV set. Slide show includes your choice of background music, including up to eight tracks (a total of five minutes in length) you can upload via USB, and use multiple tracks to create longer slideshows set to music.


Be your self by tour self November 20, 2008 at 5:58 AM  

thank you good article..visit

Be your self by tour self November 20, 2008 at 6:02 AM  

thank you good article

Hi! I'm Grace November 20, 2008 at 8:18 AM  

Hi Vhing, sana makabili din ako nito. First project ko talaga ang digi-cam... soon... If God is willing. :)

mars November 20, 2008 at 7:59 PM  

wow!this is so cool...,i also want to have one..,iba tlga pag SONY..the best when it comes to their technology..,keep posting pictures using your cyber-shot ok?

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