SOREQ CAVE:my first tour

>> Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I was so excited when one member of JIL informed me about the tour which includes the SOREQ CAVE.Past 12 o'clock (noon) when we arrived the place.First we have our lunch served,we're all hungry because as early of 5:00 a.m. when we leave Natanya. In the middle of our lunch one worker approached our driver to let us move fast as we saw a lot of school children's walking up hills in direction of where we are.The parking was on the top hill and cave was in the downstream. Its a very tiring ups and downs walked that makes my heartbeat double than usual .Then later inside the cave the guide told us,maybe where about 5-8 meters distance to the exit gate that we are standing of where our service car was parking.Its an amazing tour inside the cave.It just in my thoughts that cave can only accommodate up to 30-40 persons only, more than that is too crowded which is not good both the tourist and the nature inside.The air temperature inside the cave is constant year-round at 22 degrees Centigrade.The humidity ranges from 92%-100%.We felt little hard breath while inside that we allowed to stay for just 40 minutes only. Area of the cave was 180 dunams(is a unit of area used in the OTTOMAN EMPIRE,it also defined as "forty standard paces in lenght and breadth" or it is a unit they used to measure the area).Cave entrance was measured at 385 meters above sea level.The area of the cave was 91m in lenght,80m wide,15m in height,total area is 4800square meters and has a volume of 25,000 cubic meters.The cave was declared as a nature reserved only in March 16,1975.Before entering the cave ,we saw video clips of things that is prohibited inside the cave like NO TOUCHING the stone because it will stops growing and it becomes black color stone,need to be quite,no picture taking,a very sensitive place that everybody should respect and the most important was they explain how it forms and a short lecture about the discovery until they found out that need to be preserved.Our last few minutes inside the cave,we are begging to the guide to let us have pictures where we standing and no roaming around then he said yes when we almost at the exit gate ;here i have few but better than nothing...
a close up smile from TEENI,she's standing behind me. just face to the left , face to the right, face forward and turn back position then klik to take pictures.

i ran upstairs to take the ceiling of the cave,we cannot stretch our hands up side and sidewards because it might touch the growing stone or its a matter of less than 1/2 meter distance from us

STALACTITES and STALAGMITES meets and build a walls naturally.this formation is a kind of process that when a drop of water reaches the cave ,it releases carbon dioxide which is saturated then limestone's crystallizes on its own.There is also other sedimentary forms that you can see in the cave.


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