FRIENDS is like the WIND

>> Wednesday, November 05, 2008

one word in a thousands of meanings with a few adjectives that no one can give the exact conclusions of what we called FRIENDS.explanations of some adjectives like TRUE Friends,childhood friends,web friends in today's high tech world,closed friends and what we called about MY BELOVED Friends has been detailed but to put it true is an imaginary lines to me especially in today's generations of youth.sometimes friends expresses their feelings through sending flowers,cards & poems,that touches your heart,some rendering services or giving advices to boost morale during high's and low's of their lives,sometimes friends remembered you because they have some needs to asks,yes..there is a friend hanging out to you just because they LOVE you.. of being what you are,of not being who you are and what you have.

as my research and readings goes deeper i understand that FRIENDS is like the WIND that comes and go. a wind that sometimes refreshes you,a wind that let your hair fly back and port and stand bye,a wind that helps you breath during the hard times of your life ,a wind that makes you happy as it passes by,but if without WIND means without life then friends went gone without saying goodbye.

here in abroad has different ways in making friends,they really don't know who they are but always need to know from where they are.sometimes they can help but most of the time they don't because on its work time schedules and day offs.sometimes its sad that relatives are not good friends anymore but instead they are enemies that one need to choose for their own comfort and hate to say greediness is one of their owned tools.

i have new friends here in the desame village where I'm working,they are all my "kababayan"(both pilipino),they are very nice to me,we exchanging foods we cooked,going out for day off together and sometimes lending money if one of us is in urgent need to send to the family and the best part is to tell the stories to them how our days of work was be,its a great feeling that there's somebody sit and talk during our hard work days and sometimes a boredom days.good and best friends by now and i don't know until when it lasts or maybe i will pray to becomes forever.


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