75th ANNIVERSARY in my work place

>> Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A moment of a happy faces gathered together again in one place where they are during their early and memorable days of their lives.all of those people around the globe that was born here,work and been visitors of this kibbutz went back home to witness their awaited celebrations on its 75th foundation,lets look back 1933 during the swampy valley when the great grand parents gathered and form a group here,work and build on their poor bear hands and live here until the end of their lives.left behind are children's and grand children continuous working and struggling to become now a place of a progressive village on its own that evolves in today's high tech world.

i was so lucky to accompany my employer to be a part of their program and have dinner to all vicitors around.i witness here how everybody hugs,kissed and making laughter's to their relatives ,friends,classmates and everyone.program participants are those who have talents like singing,dancing -old and young,playing musical instruments,happy hour around then suddenly came the most important part of program to introduce the guest speaker,each and every one standing up to give a big applause,clapping,whistle roaring the whole village,its the sign of their proudness that they have their very own EHUD BARAK,born on these village,a man of highest integrity , a great leader of the STATE OF ISRAEL, a man of his own word,son of the oldest person by now in this village,then a minute of silence observed,then we heard the speaker on the stage delivering his speech gladly and happy.

this is the first time in my life attended celebrations like these and i can't imagine if i could attend some more gatherings in my journey(work) here in HOLY LAND....
and i'm sure theres no more,its so memorable to be in this family and on this place.
hope this will lasts for more and more years of more than what i needs to be here.
i'm thankful to the LORD for his generosity for me to be here and he gave me this employer, that HE blesses and keep her more strong and good health everyday.


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