>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sometimes it hurts what local people did us and showing us not equal between others.Attitudes towards us that we don't even know of why and how to deal with.We understand by avoiding them and we always put in our minds and thought of because we are in foreign land.

Yesterday, I spent my day off with some of my friends in far distance city.Then after lunch I am already in a nearby city where I am working.Me and my friend went for a walk in the tourist area.We just go around and a window shopping even it is freezing cold.We went to a foreign currency changer because I need to send my family for their christmas preparations.I ask the teller that I need an amount in dollar,she gave me the equivalent in local currency (shekels).She told me to wait for a few minutes,but more than 15 minutes sitting there makes me nervous.All passers by are looking with us,so I asked again the woman.She answered me sarcastically "We don't have that amount ,if you want I'll give you 200$ only".For God Sake we waited for almost 30 minutes then she answered me like way.

Again ,we went to another money changer on the other side of the street.They don't have when I asked that certain amount.She told me also that I'm only allowed for 200$. I don't understand why, but when we supposed to leave two men entered then asked for bigger amount than my needs.And they have it!I'm supposed to confront the teller # 2 but my friend stop me and we went out in that place.Sometimes I don't understand why they under estimated us.I hate some people here like that.But there is also that very kind to us and appreciated our works. we went to the last currency exchanger and we've got there the lowest rate compared to the two places where we've been.Our hatred and tiredness was paid off.I'm not looking for the cheapest exchange rate.We don't have choice what ever the rate was.What I mean is to be fair in assisting clients. Then after all those trails that we encounter we went immediately to the post office and in a matter of few minutes it will be close.It is the same location area and just a few steps away from the foreign currency changer.

On the way to the central bus station,there's another incident. I remember that I need to buy a plastic mattress cover of my old woman's bed.I asked the receipt and I staple it in the item.That is my old woman's attitudes every time I bought something for her then she needs to pay me back.It is always put on the side of a tag price the official receipts and the receipt should be looks new.I told to the cashier that I need to do like this because my old woman was very intelligent.I was surprised when she answered me "She is not intelligent, she's weird ".And I answered that I don't have the right to say something especially my work.Yes, you don't have but I/we has no limits,she told me again.I don't know why she acted that way.I told nothing to her ,its my first time to enter and bought something in that store.I never said that I'm working with somebody here to the mother of one political idol.But most locals here knew that we are working mostly to an elderly.We caregivers are just giving all the elderly what they wanted to be or what they likes.It is sometimes against our heart and our minds but it is they way it should be.So we follow all things that they told us. Outside or inside our work place especially if it is the stuffs needed by our employers.

But there are times of funny-happy days going around the city.There is someone calling us in tagalog words.Some vendors are talking or makes some sales talk of what they have in their store.It is a big day and makes a fresh breath once in a week going outside or step away from working elderly.


university December 15, 2008 at 6:02 PM  

I wish you good morning healthy and successful always...

Hi! I'm Grace December 16, 2008 at 5:47 AM  

What a day!
I love day off's , but sometimes it can be a crazy day, too. :)

Priya December 16, 2008 at 6:10 AM  


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