>> Saturday, December 06, 2008

I have a night dream last night that my eyes was burned. I woke up early and immediately grasps my eyes. It was so painful!.I felt there is a fever and like a fire burning inside.Nervous but in control , I grab a bottle of mineral water under my bed and drink it first then put some drops on my eyes.I stood up holding in the window frame and took a capsule of pain reliever on my medicine box .I sit down and took a lot of deep breath and stand up trying to move my whole body.It was all okey except my eyes.I don't have any headache for that moment or any pains in some parts of the body.

After 30 minutes I manage to go to the comfort room.I washed my face with cold water and again put some drops into my eyes.I need to move and do my daily routine.Life in abroad is not like in our own home in our native land.So , after 3hrs of cleaning ,preparing breakfast , I feel my head starts aching.Still in good determination I manage to have again another capsule of pain reliever. While I'm doing shower to my employer , the daughter in law came to check and brought fruit shakes.Until I finished everything . I don't know if she noticed something.I went to shower that usually I did after my daily routine.

After lunch , I remember to put a wet (boiled water) tea bag on eyes if there's something uncomfortable.Not totally the medicine to cure but it serves like a pain reliever. A little bit better than this morning but still I felt now as if I'm just finished crying.I will wait until tomorrow that the nearest optical clinic will open .Today is weekend here and most establishment are closed.First day of the week here is Sunday.

Anyone can tell what to do? Maybe someone have this experience too? Pls write a few words what to do ? All comments will deeply appreciate.Thanks


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