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SEVERE PAINS in portion of Pubis Symphysis,Iliac Crest,Anterior Superior Iliac Spine,Greater
Trochanter of Femur down to Lateral Epicondyle of Femur,Patella,Head of Fibula,Tuberosity of Tibia,Anterior Shaft of Tibia, Medial Malleolus and Lateral Malleolus that one fellow worker came late night to my work place. Also at desame time their are a lot of muscle pains wherein that portions or between the waistline down to the foot.These are the common complains of all caregivers especially those working with bedridden patients.They are lifting it manually for how many times in their 24hrs duty and for how many days in a week.There are also complaining of backpains.

This type of massage using a piece of ginger and few drops of any kind of oil is always our practice in the Philippines.I grown up with my grandfather doing this everyday in our house.Everytime that there is patient coming, I'm always watching how to do it until lately i'm already called an ASSISTANT.Its not a game to play but its a hard work that always affect the mind and putting a lot of energy of who's performing it.Time that i grown up ,i dont like to do it anymore except for emergencies or if in case accident is around.

Late last night my fellow and neighbor worker here knock at the door asking favor to bring a friend from a nearby village.He believed that only me can do it for the meantime because i did it to him before ,it was a year ago maybe.This guy of his early age of 30's working in a two (couple) disabled patients.Few days ago,he relates, that he lifted the old man on the bed ,maybe in the wrong positions of the legs or the body is not aligned where it should be.He cannot bend his body,even tying the string on his shoes, he can't do it anymore. He is on C type of body standing already .I'm not making money on this neither doing this to all who's asking everywhere.It depends on my FAITH who's who or whom will i suppose to do it.After the session the only thing i could asked is to give me the least or the smallest amount of coin from your pocket and please follow what I'm telling to do.


Tita Dolly December 4, 2008 at 12:20 PM  

Wow Vhing you are a gifted manghihilot pala ha... Very lucky naman ng mga kababayan natin dyan dahil andyan ka para tumulong.. I badly need some hilot also here hehehe nirarayuma na kc ako! I know God is always with you coz you are a good person. Tc

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