>> Thursday, December 04, 2008

A 95 years old citizen in the STATE OF ISRAEL went to vote for choosing 8 more members of LABOR PARTY line-up in preparation for FEBRUARY 10,2009 national election.While her eldest son, a defense minister is on live broadcast interview in nationwide tv news today.There is military operation in BEIT MERIDEN in HEBRON,WESTBANK. All peoples living in that house as i heard was mostly a JEWISH citizen.I always seen in the news about what is going on there and its only now i understand. The higher court ordered them to leave the place but they are still resisting to stay.It is not my business anymore to know more or widen story beacause i'm not a citizen either a voter to this land.

I dont have any personal intensions regarding this incident but i dont have any choice though. It just happened that i'm working to a mother of one among how many politicians here.I myself HATES politics,i dont vote either when i was in my homeland.I felt guilty when my employer answered me everytime i asked her since i started to work with her. She narrated a story , since the liberation of ISRAEL,it was on November 29, 1947 the UN agreed to partitioning the land into two states: Israel and Palestine.Israel accepted, the Arabs did not.Since she migrated here she's always went to vote and since the LABOR PARTY was formed she is a loyalist voter of this group.I asked her WHY UNTIL NOW AT YOUR AGE? she replied calmly "NOT JUST BECAUSE OF MY AGE NOR MY SON IN POLITICS BUT FOR A BETTER NATION ON THE FUTURE" . I took a deep breath for my next question, i'm on teary eyed that momment.She's amazing until this late stages of her life. She's still knows who will be the best and her loyalty to the labor party.

Let us follow this story until national election will come on 2009.



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