2009:WEIGHT WATCH!! target : 55 kilos

>> Monday, January 05, 2009

I almost forgot that it is already one year when my father was died.Every time I remembered him and I finished my work I sat down in front of my laptop surfing,downloading,anything that I can do to make my mind busy.The moment that I sat down I'm beginning to eat what I have around. On the side of the table was a bundle of fruits,downside was all liquid drinks, in the back that I can get by just stretching my hands was cookies,biscuits and on the left side of my table was other stuffs like plastic glasses ,plates, tissues and table napkins, etc.These are all inside my little room.Everything was written DEIT or LESS of sugar,calories,etc.I always reading the site of how to loss weights.It is only now again that I step on the weighing scale.OMG!! 75 kilos again!! in just 5"4' in height.Shocking!!Peoples and friends always telling me I'm a big woman.They never said fat woman,but now I know IT IS DESAME WORDS !!!

Last year I used to have LTT (I sent already to my daughter) , rubber stretcher , small blocks of cement outside that I used it as weights, their is aerobics on TV that I used to follow every time on air.I used to drink some fresh herbal that they said its good for health with a disgusting taste,I have a lot of diet pills that sometime I am afraid to drink, boxes of different flavors of tea's.I used to jogged 3-4 times every week when my employer was sleeping.All of the above are the things that I cannot do it anymore.Due to an irregular sleeping habits of my employer I always have headache and sometimes not feeling well of no findings.I always felt dizzy and sleepy.

So, I need a fat burner or any diet pills that it works without all of the above activities. I found this ACAI DEIT PILLS and ACAI BERRY DEIT PILLS on this website :
NO FOOD INSIDE MY ROOM,ONLY MINERAL WATER NEEDED and ACAI DEIT PILLS! I believe this will be the effective one,produce in BRAZIL and recommended by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a small kind of berries but have a higher percentage of anti-oxidants.

COME and VISIT their website to find more interesting things to do about diet or to all weight watchers in any range of ages.


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