>> Monday, January 05, 2009

here is another award from MADAME APRO , thank you again !

REALLY? oh..babe! thank you very,very much again... wonderful! From this fabulous award until bottom of this post was courtesy of RECHIE.

That's TRUE! as I told everyone here ,it is all about my life and experiences here.Unbelievable that I am a survivor of this line of job.I came here without any experiences nor study this course and my first time to go and work abroad.Such funny and unforgettable story of my life : from BOSS and now underdogs...WHEWW!!!! but I'm fine and happy this time.So, THANK YOU to all my readers again and again..You!.. are all my inspirations!
A New Year Award for my 2009 resolutions? Maybe needs to be GOOD and keep going on the ways of my REALITY of my life.Ages like me should say SECRETLY WISHING THOSE and good health everyday!

I'm a kind of funny person sometime, I want to see everyone happy and smiling all the times . I hate KJ peoples!.GOD gave us everything so..let's enjoy it to rest of our lives.HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY TO ALL!!


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