>> Thursday, January 08, 2009

We've been in the city this morning for an eye check up of my employer.Few weeks ago she was complaining of uncomfortable and itchy from her eyes.I'm putting everyday some eye drops or sometimes an eye ointment that previously prescribed by same doctor. Lately half of the left eye was in red color and she is always scratching it.There was some dirty and yellowish eye boogers comes out daily. I noticed also that a bit swollen both eyes and I saw it differently like before. Tears that she never felt it falling down.

Dr. Fogel Rami,an ophthalmologist that we are always having this appointment gave another kind of eye drops. He checked and put some eye drops then we waited for 20 minutes then he checked again .Everything was fine, some of her complains was ignored. I understand that it needs to watch her to avoid scratching so that it will not get worse.An elderly has a sensitive skin in all parts of her body.So, in scratching it will form a blood clot on that certain parts of the skin , it takes for one week or more of not seeing it. I put a cream but it doesn't work out to vanish the red spot of the skin.


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