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DECEMBER 27,2008.
While HAMAS in Gaza and IDF exchanging their rocket SMOKES, guns and other military weapons of war, filipino community is celebrating their holidays by having Christmas programs at the 4th floor of takana merkazit (central bus station) in Tel Aviv.A lot of fun's and cheering sounds until midnight.No signs of fear and worries from whats going on in the southern part of the country..Below are my few pictures taken for a remembrance of holiday season 2008 .I'm sharing all of you these.

SANTA CLAUS was welcome with a smokes props from the stage with the host and other participants
Here are the dancers and singing at desame time on their best
This is the best singer I'd like to hear and I gave my loudest cheers. opppssss.....dancers showing their great ASS in tune of SPHAGHETING PABABA and OTSO-OTSO PA!!!! .............HALA BIRA!!!!!!!
Children's of filipinos joined the stage for their dance presentations - kanya-kanyang banat.. ...he he he
These are the audience in the right side of the stage...
Mothers with young babies just satisfied to hear the sounds in a far distance
Show without lip-sync is not complete....unknown gender.... you can guess..
From Philippine embassy who pick up my entry card for consolation price ...
BULLS EYE!!!! I won this bag full of children's toys and chocolates,etc.I gave to Joshua, son of my childhood friend ELSIE.

HUPPPSSssss... a gift from friendster friend working in Taiwan,MS.VIOLY TAYAG. thank you sa ulitin....ha ha ha.

and lastly ,these are an assorted gifts from daughters in law of my employer,cards from SHARORA of USA,MBYUTI in Germany...and more msgs on the way ....lets put 'em all in private.thanks to all.



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