New York Times news about ZENNI OPTICAL

>> Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Have you read this ZENNI OPTICAL in New York Times? It was published January 23,2009 with the article title of "Seeing Straight Without Breaking the Bank" in health guide news.It was stated there the price of generic frames of about 8$ only per eyeglass and it is already lense coated with antiscratch.Imagine from 118$ to the lowest price they bargain it for all of you.You can have any sizes,colors,etc. of what you want just ask them directly.
See the advantages of what I've chosen, first is the price of Lens and Frame for $29.95 only and this is the latest or the new arrivals designs.At 21 grams in weight just feeling of nothing on my face.It has also a blue color but I want green that means "green environment" it is cool for my eyes.And lastly was the size, medium size that fit to my oval face, I want also half rim because I don't want steel materials to touch my face.

Here are their websites as a proof of what I'm talking about.Please check it out for more of the products that you need for your eyes only.


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