JAMES NICHOLLS & His Royston James Associates

>> Friday, February 20, 2009

Did you hear this name before? and who is HE either?..and why I need to talk and includes this on my personal page , a guy that I don't know even before?Unbelievable!! After reading his website I'm felt I'm more than (1)one meter hanging above the ground.He loves sports , putting as number one the lists on his personal interests . He is great in poker and he used to go to Las Vegas for the world series.He travelled mostly to all countries where they have business connections. And despite of everything - alcohol is always there as his adrenalin source for his daily activities.See what I mean? The only thing I can say now is - if ever they need a Caregiver , I'm proud presenting myself - hehehehe- that is my expertise!

I'm interested to know more about what he created, a Royston James Associates , yes! I can hear you there asking "What is that?" it is a company of recruitment specialist that only supplies in a digital marketing sphere with talent evolving to one hundred agencies and a high profile users. It has six consultants with a high degree in terms of respect and discipline from clients services,planning , creativeness, studio and business development.It has two locations ,one in REIGATE and another one in LONDON.Their client are mostly from the field of music,finance, retails and utilities.They are successfully expanding rapidly to the whole EUROPIAN countries, in ASIA and the latest is in MIDDLE EAST .It has personnel assigned in every divisions in digital marketing, digital PR, marcomms agencies and advertising.Imagine their staff has ten(10)years experienced in digital marketing sphere, they are all experts in this type of business.

Please follow me on their website to know deeper about them and maybe we can ask if he is still available or not. hahahaha.Here is the link


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Hi Vhing, tonight will be your turn on my "Free Banner Link Post", but I see that you did not comply on the rules yet. You still have several hours to do so. Check on it again, maybe you missed something. And I'll check on your blog again tonight. Thank you. :)

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