why an elderly need a regular dental treatment

>> Friday, February 06, 2009

To avoid complications like heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, cancer,respiratory and kidney diseases especially to Alzheimer's or any related cases of patients.This was discovered by researchers in connections with the periodontal diseases and to all diseases stated above.Elderly patients as what we know of having a big smiles everyday makes their life extended all the way. But they are having a big risk of all that cases above if they are not happy due to tooth and gums problems.Not eating properly in 24 hours is not the main problems, but pains in minutes can killed a patients by doing something which is not good for them and they become wild worse. While the next hours of no food intake we already asking the family to go hospital to avoid more complications.

Luckily this time that the found therapy of fast and in easy ways.They are all specialists who assists and provide an advanced treatment for periodontal and gums diseases.It can be done by painless with laser's to avoid surgery and there's no side effect in total health of every patients.Learn more on their website

In addition to all of the above , patients with a heart attack and periodontal disease have an exaggerated inflammatory response with higher CRP levels that might put them at risk for future heart attacks. This work also raises the possibility that by treating severe gum disease in people with heart attacks and in some reasons specialists might be able to reduce their CRP levels and their risk of another heart attack."


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Hi Vhing, I enjoyed reading this one. I learned something. :)

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