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>> Monday, March 16, 2009

Yesterday while I'm waiting the bus to go back to work,one fellow caregiver - I just meet her for first time in bus station,  she ask why elderly have always "fart and burp".Before I went down from my friends flat upstair that was also the topic of so many caregivers there. So funny but learn why and what to do. For childrens and matured one's we can say it un-ethical(bastos! or walang modo! in tagalog) if you do it in many crowds. It was always uncontrolable and accidentally happenned that becomes a funny momments.You should stay away with somebody near you was the first lesson when I was in grade one.I remembered my father if he smell or heard it - he blown everything what he has in the mouth and got angry to whom of us dispose  that fart. Hey...(otot lang yan  or tae lng pala eh), just a bad air scattered is the common words to all caregivers here.It is also means as unit of gaseous particles from one's rectum. I observed here that fart was not too bad compared to burp.You can do it even in many people sorrounds you. hehehe...Or some said it was the smell of dollar.If you asked the word translation of "otot" in english - the first facial expresion was to smile or laugh..I dont know why - just ask any filipino near you or any where you meet.

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On otherhand "burping" sounds bad here, it was not like a blessings as I've learned eversince. Burp means an extreme gaseous oral eruption according to some specialist.This also a sign of anxiety that can only be seen always to depression cases patients.Occurrence was not only after meal but anytime they want attention.Both farts and burps causes during swallowing food and talking in same period of time.Air traveled in all parts of intestines that sometimes anyone sitting beside you or near you heard about it.

Thanks it comes out or else we need to go again in an emergency room in a nearest hospital.



dhemz March 16, 2009 at 11:18 PM  

hhahaha...sakit ng tyan ko sa kakaktawa...hehhe...bat si banana ko te...parati nag let out ng gas...walang day yan na d naka fart...hehhe...d naman sya much kung elderly na...baka d lang fart ang lalabas...hehhe....joke!

Thanks for sharing tVhing..miss you back ulit...wala na sakit ulo...kaya pala may sakit ako kahapon...kasi may PMS ako..kaya nag inom ako ng beer helps kasi yung beer when I have try mo ba na te?

vhingF March 18, 2009 at 7:47 AM dinadami ba namang itanong ...bakit yan pa !

ang lalakas pa kami d2 cla umotot.

Anonymous March 18, 2009 at 8:48 AM  

so many things to learn from you.more vhing....more!

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