my first cooking experience as caregiver

>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yes these are onions we used for cooking and at same time used as medicines.But for me this served as a thing with a great story that I can't forget to the rest of my life.Everywhere I saw onions it makes me smile or laugh.

It happened  after two weeks that I arrived in this country.I was on my first employer at that momments.I was  so nervous but eager to show my best ability in any work . My first week was with reliever , also a pilipina that teach me  get familiarized especially in a bed ridden patient.(Hi BETH..there in Thailand with her family).She  showed me everything inside and outside  the house to say it  in hebrew  or english.I'm proud that I knew it all. The next week I went back alone because I knew everything when they asked in every word translation.Here comes the daughter of my employer, a big big woman and her facial expression was like a very strict person I felt. She spoke me in hebrew and I answered it word by word  in english. They never speak english at all  though understand a little.The first day I arrived I noticed the freezer type frigidaire that I ussually seen in some biggest restaurants or hotels in my country.A full packed freezer that in my mind was a question of why? my contract it was written a couple which is a bed ridden  patient of about 97 years old and an alzhymier woman of dont know nothing , so I need to cooked for them but why they have all this stuffs? that means there are more peoples coming in  and eat. Yes, the whole clan are coming Friday night  also friends and relatives during Saturdays.We start cooking Thursday and the whole day Friday. Changing everything  are the daily routine - the bed sheets,table cloth ,cleaning inside and outside the house.It was okey for me, I came here to work so this is it! The first 3 weeks she just instructed me to wash vegetables or cut  thru actions or hand gestures  while she was the one took all we need from freezer, a lot of meat I saw that I thought they are like carnivorous.Until one month  when time of cooking somebody called outside and it was a nieghbor friends of their family.Before she went out she told me to this and that, that I cannot remembered some.I was so confused because they have an attitude here of shouting  and that was normal I observed everywhere.When she came back to the kitchen I put all on the floor  everything what is inside the fregidaire. You know what I'm looking for? just a piece of  batzal means an onion. Then she shouted and yelled  at me but I'm still smiling because I didn't know what she's talking about.Its only now I remembered that was lucky day and if it is like today that I was adopted already of thier culture its a big   regrets for shouting her back , hehehe. The great things was I tried to speak thier language as early of one month and a half because of that incidents.  After one month and a half of working there the old man died and the old woman was transfered to a mental hospital. Next job I found was a bit easier because I understand a lot, again a couple with the same race before but there are lot of filipino caregivers sorround the place that I can easily ask anytime I need.


momgen March 18, 2009 at 5:02 AM  

have a nice day.

Hi! I'm Grace March 18, 2009 at 12:03 PM  

My family here loves onions. I love it, too. We used to have a lot of onions on our backyard, I hope it will be the same on this spring, too. :)
By the way, vhing, thanks a lot for checking on me regularly. I appreciate it very much, cuz. :)

dhemz March 18, 2009 at 1:18 PM  

wow...great post here te...thanks for sharing your experiences...galing te ha...dami mo nang alam na language...saludo talaga ako may natutunan na ako about sa onion....hehhee...tunot atzal...hehhe...:)

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