>> Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I have problems in opening some blogsites and websites last two weeks.Believed me or not I opened and read more than or maybe 500 blogsites(not sure) just in one week, to those not opening I left it open until my work was finished but still not opened ,imagine in half day I left it.So..I'm sorry to those have dropped some EC's to me but I didn't reply back by dropping EC too. And I'm also looking for something that helps me and what's going around but I was fraustrated that all my favorites was not working in my browser.I asked and send messages to them by yahoo ym .So I found out and downloaded the GOOGLE CHROME  and it's FREE, you see that ? I said it's FREE TO DOWNLOAD in just a minute , amazing! So I will save to my favorites/bookmarks  all those sites that are not opening on my other! thank you Mr.Google ..I learned a lot from you.


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