>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HIT's or free ride in some private cars as they called it here as TREEMP or sounds like that are dangerous.Some caregivers in far locations are doing it if the family they are serving will not drive them to the nearest place going to the city. But there are some  employers that has  concerned to thier workers and they are spending thier time to drive her/him going to thier respective apartments or flat as what we called it here.Saturday afternoon are the usual schedule of 24 hours day off  of caregivers here.This is the day that there's no public transportation, taxi are on high rate fees during this 24 hours shabat and still on danger if you are  riding alone.Risks  is in yours  if you are not lucky to have employer of just giving you a warning instead of driving you to the nearest place to take a safe ride .There is SHERUT here like a service van for public, a 10 passengers vehicle  that most workers in far locations are hiring .They are  meeting in place then the sherut will pick up them .If this sherut has still vacant seat they got another worker/passenger  along the way.

It is in the news already and somebody  heard/saw  on tv program  that the rape victim was a "filipina", they shown the bruises on tv but I didn't got it .I'm trying to search but I can't find it.Thats not the big ball here to be on the headlines  we are just caregivers. Even the co-workers around in that area which is also my friend don't want to elaborate the story for her safety , as of  now  they said that the authorities is looking for two men responsible for that inhumane  acts.

Yesterday I recieved IM's  saying that co-workers was just 20 minutes drive from my workplace and said the victim was dropped  near in my location which is opposite way going to the city proper. I usually  went  for a few minutes walk to where  they found the victim.Last Sunday I did one complete route in one bus in that nearby location of the victim but I ride on the bus  and it was  full of passsengers , so ..there no dangers on it.

Note: Snakes are everywhere.CAREFUL!


Hi! I'm Grace May 27, 2009 at 4:24 PM  

Nakakatakot na man... pero you seem very strong... Ingat ka lang talaga, sis Vhing.

Dhemz May 28, 2009 at 2:39 AM  

OMG...nakakatakot naman ateVhing ano....nako korek si si are tough...nako...kakaratehin mo lang yan te....hehehhe...:)

musta na pala...hope to chat with you bukas...dko online kasi PC ko ang gamit...wala akong YM lappy lang....:) miss you teVhing...mwah!

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