>> Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm back again...
 I brought all these cool summer fruits for your good health.
Yesterday's day off was not so good but not too bad also.I ride a bus going to a place that I don't know where, I want to explore alone.I have these very confidential problems and too personal that I was affected for the whole week.So..I went alone anywhere,when the bus inspector asked me I pretend to step out to the next bus stop which is I dont know.When the next bus came I ride again back to the city.Not dangerous here in riding even in far places that mostly you can meet inside the bus at anywhere some caregivers to thier way back to work or vice versa.I enjoyed my trip like a fun sight seeing rides.After that I went to a public market to buy fruits and I stop by for a drinks in this fruit stand cool store.I choose fruit and they make it as a fruit whole day trip was end with smiley like this fruits they made. Last one thing, did you see the pineapple in the picture? that is the biggest size I've ever seen here .I asked the vendor but they never knew if there is bigger than that.It's not enough for me to buy 3 or 5 while the prices are higher than me.Wezzzzz... I can't  wait to have vacation to eat a lot of it.

THANK YOU and  every visits are deeply appreciated!!!


Dhemz May 26, 2009 at 12:45 AM  

halo Ate Vhing, I have missed you...hope ok na paminaw mo jan te....hope to chat with you sometime....:)

honga pala te...kakatuwa naman..yan na ang pinaka malaki? ngek...hehehe...liit kaya nyan fruitshake...nako sa atin pa yan 5 pesos lang ang baso...hehehe...I think....:)

musta na te? miss you...sige blog hop muna ako...kasi lapit na 1am dito...1 hour to go para hit the bed na....:)

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