>> Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"Slipperry when wet" the sign boards that we can see if we are traveling along the roads and highways.Huge buildings and malls sometime you enter have a signages of "WET FLOOR" or "stay away this area" during that time of cleaning schedule.And caregiver's second major role was to clean the place/house where  they are working or staying like us here in Israel.In some other workers cleaning is thier main job not caregiving, while on me this is just a part or not compulsary but still I need to clean most of the time to avoid mis-conceptions  around here.

Must avoid to fall of our elderly is the one main word to put in my mine everyminute of the day. Cleaning is the hardest time for me especially when the elderly is busy looking for something then walking back and fort to where the wet area I am working with.Sometime reminding is worth nothing as she insisted of what she's looking for to do. So..usually I clean the floor if she's out or in the club house of elderly. Sometimes I did if  she is sleeping by closing her room door so that I clean other parts of the house

Most important part or corner of the house to watch if it is wet or dry are:

01. the rest rooms- most of the time they are coming in and out even they are not urinating or disposing there. Mirror is the one reason why they are getting inside then watching  always or fixing their hairstyle or some retouch powder on thier face and even the blouse collar they always fixing it.

02. floor area around  frigidaire- if the elderly still walking alone, they just go direct to get food or what ever they remember inside the the fridge.

03. chairs -around where they are always sitting most of the time, sometime it is already wet but they cant feel it or cannot be control to have pee on it.

04. passage or alley - to where they always walking in between rooms and rest rooms or way going to the kitchen and recieving room

05. There is one un-avoidable cases that usually the caregivers is the who slipped down. If the patient or an elderly living in one caregiver privately this was always happened. Patient that can move thier hands ups and down, sideward and backward they used to take off thier pampers in the middle of the night while this private caregiver was asleep. So when the pee is coming that always they could not control due to thier ages , before they reach the rest rooms  in just  2-3 meters distance all pees has gone and all down to the floor. How many times I was the one who slipped down , I always run to her room each time I heard  that she's moving. I put plastic and garterized cover  before putting the bed sheets so I heard the sounds of plastic cellophane . Thanks and good that I never brake my bones yet and not to be , huh! but followed by pains on my fat ass the next day, lol.


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