Caregivers Watchlist #4-MEDICINES

>> Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Contrary to all medicines packages warnings and written as " Medicines stored in a place that cannot be reach by children's and infants" , for caregiver it should be another things to do. Based of my experiences the manufacturer should indicates these phrase I've changed here as "All medicines shall be stored and keep out to avoid reaching by ELDERLY Patients". Those patients night life walking around the corner of the house with their caregiver living in another room sleeping in a sweet, wet dreams. They don't feel their employer doing something like washing the cleaned dishes, fixing all fixed clothing, changing and putting pictures from their old,old photo albums to another albums and sometimes cleaning the floor while on the day time they cannot even buttons their blouses then let the caregiver do it for themselves.Lucky caregivers they have something to do and be their lifetime job .But it is the big wonders how it was be specially to the family members that during their visits the elderly parents showing different acts and stories.

One caregiver told me that one middle of the night she heard that her employer was in the kitchen . She ran out the hurries she could thinking that might fall but she found out Laxatives packages that the elderly holding and she don't know how many tablets the elder took that time.When asked by the caregiver yelling is the answer and who is this caregiver asking to her as employer. Employers(elderly) knows everything as they always said to us and we must followed them not anybody else around . The next day they called the ambulance heading to the hospital. After 3-5 hours taking laxatives you will called by the nature that you need to be in the nearest comfort rooms. Up there elderly putting all her energy to put out all what they felt inside due to overdosing laxatives.Over all stories and each ending
" Everything of what's going on was the big blames to CAREGIVERS on that time working with them".Poor caregivers that can't help what to do but just to cry to spill out their feelings.


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