>> Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If you are working abroad you can always remembered the smallest thing back home.This morning I went to the village store here in my work place.I want to have lunch with white plain rice. I'm just consuming one kilo of rice for the whole month. Imagine if I'm home one kilo is not enough for a single meal.Funny to tell but it was true. This country was not planting rice and even citizen's here don't know how it looks like before they are buying it in the store.They knew it is rice ready to cook but if you asked them where, what the colors or kinds, classifications, etc. they just turning their heads left to right which means they don't know.Just lately when airing reality tv shows and some issues on Internet they saw others facts about rice.
Look at the image how much one kilo of rice I bought, it is worth more than a hundred pesos (P100 ) in the Philippines .There are still higher prices than these quality but it was in the same taste . For me this is not the first class quality of rice. I grown up surrounded by rice that is why I know if something smell on the rice . I know if it was wet or dry during the harvest season until packaging for market exchanges to cash as one source of living. Most processed foods and this rice here are from Thailand, why from there? mostly citizen's here love to spend vacations in that country.Because of higher rice prices, I used to eat more fruits and veggies and it is more cheaper than rice compared to other prime commodities that I need.Wonders bothered me most , I'm still gaining weights even eating less rice.SAD!.


Dhemz July 15, 2009 at 4:07 PM  

na te...10kilos ng rice dine is 15 dollars...mahal eh...tapos yung binili ko is jasmine rice from thailand. mahal din pala dyan ano.

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