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>> Friday, August 07, 2009

Thanks to thuggie1 of this video on youtube.
Giving on exact time of prescribed medicines for Alzheimer's is not a hard,hard task to do.For example today Alzheimer's patient take her medicines at exactly nine in the morning and four in the afternoon , tomorrow it should be in same time of today.If time covered is overlapped when taking medicines that will be the time they become crazy and wild.It hurts for those peoples around specially those who are near to their hearts seeing what is going on to the patients. Unbelievable because families, friends and neighbors who knew those patients. Capabilities and qualities of the patients itself is different of being who they are in previous days when they are together.`

On this video I found was stated some signs, symptoms and stages of Alzheimer's disease patient.Caregivers coordination's to the families of the patients is important to talk and hear the behaviour of the patients. Learning and coping up both strategy how to deal with in time of crisis or if the patient will get wild and crazy.One thing I observed and learned in my previous employer was how the son talk to his Alzheimer mother.Note if the families are already accepted the realities of having Alzheimer's parents or relatives, husband or wife's.The son narrated the happy moment's and the achievements of the mother during her early years that his mother was not yet suffering this disease. Believed me my patient/employer was smiling and laughing then , not in long period of time but in few minutes and it became silent and behaving in next hours.

Do you believed that Alzheimer patients can move things inside the house that you could hardly imagine? Or even you yourself you cannot transfer a washing machine from the bathroom area up to the outside door that is beside the elevator but if the Alzheimer's getting wild unbelievably they can do it.Note that I'm citing here an old woman suffering from Alzheimer disease but she is physically fit, she can make things alone but not in the right time and not in the right place or everything was in reverse way.I am always said that I'm not a medical expert nor a medical graduate, I'm just sharing what my experiences was and things what I've see and learned while I'm here as private caregiver.

Understanding to both caregivers and patients is one factor of having a success in caring of an Alzheimer's patient. Experts and specialist giving the life span of Alzheimer's patients but who knows when is the right time they go for rest and end their sufferings.


Meryl (proud pinay) August 9, 2009 at 8:45 AM  

hope ate di ako magka Alzheimer disease pagdating ng araw... ayaw ko kasing magka
muscle ako kakabuhat ng washing machine, aparador o iba pang mabibigat na bagay.

pero siryoso ate, hanga ako sa inyo sa pag handle ng mga may alzhiemer...I salute you!

gem August 9, 2009 at 8:49 AM  

Thanks for the info. I've learned something about Alzhiemer's today. Now, I understand their behavior. Nurses, caregivers,doctors are truly great in handling these kind of patients.

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