Caregivers Watch Lists #5-JEALOUSY

>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

Angry  01 Pictures, Images and Photos JEALOUSY defined as an emotions triggered to an opposite individuals with anger, sadness, disgusts and has a feeling of losing something at the end of thoughts.

Jealousy also had big role in care giving work due to different attitudes of every employer. Some caregivers had a hard time dealing their employer if they meet friends outside during their daily routine of giving her/him walking exercise.In this particular situation we caregivers looking each others and waving hands behind their back and we understand what does it means.There are employers got jealous then keeping their caregivers inside the house without talking to any one even on their own cellular phones.If we are outside during clinic appointments some employers don't want the doctor talking to the caregivers specially if it is in English.And to the extended family and friends of where the caregiver was serving,some elderly don't like to see them talking or having fun and they got jealous.

I have been there before my early years in Tel Aviv and in other areas.That is one reason why I don't stayed them in long period of time working even they asked favor to stay or for an additional salary.In the first month that I felt and observed uncomfortable I immediately informed and asked the manpower agency as early as possible all things happening.Then I'm giving them my decision to go and end my contract whether they approve it or not.

Yes and yes ... I need to work for a living , I want to have salary every end of the month but what is money if life is in misery? For me I cannot bring money in heaven , I can still earn money without jealousy and just in a nice way as long as I'm healthy and safe .


Dhemz August 30, 2009 at 9:47 PM  

very well said atevhing...korek..aanhin ba naman natin ang pera kung miserable man ang atong kinabuhi.....mag selos din diay sila sad te no....hmmmm....very interesting...thanks for sharing....:)

a quick visit dito te...kumusta pala ang weekend nyo?

jodi August 31, 2009 at 2:42 AM  

well, ang daming ganyan..tiis lang talaga minsan pero parang ang hirap magtiis sa ganun na situation ano? it's better to look for another job...

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