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This is the Jewish tradition of mourning their relatives after funeral. "Sitting" as they called it here that all friends and relatives is coming to join each and everyone to where the deceased live. But if the certain house is not good or no spaces for their guests they announced it where like sometimes in the house or place of one of their children.

Mourning of shiv'a yomim is depend from what blood race they came from like my employer in Tel Aviv. They are from Teman, they are so religious that after funeral friends came early morning until almost midnight to pray .A lot of elderly came and go to pray and pray and telling of stories of their origins to the young mourners to know. My next employer was from Baghdad that they only pray on the 7th and last day of mourning.There are also friends and relatives coming during the day is something like working in different family race has different custom and tradition we followed.Also the food and the languages that sometimes we need to know the important translation of each word .But the most effective is the sign language to do.

Shiv'a yomim or sitting is like a reunion of friends and relatives of the deceased.They are coming with all their special bake cakes, bread and cookies.Siting with fun stories to every groups of peoples on each tables .It was so differently in my home country of mourning.

I also noticed that during the funeral they are not crying much or for their best they could is holding their breath of not to cry.Never I heard any sounds of cry or any. They are still trying to show of a half smile to all who joined them of their sympathies and loss.

During this shiv'a yomim most caregivers are also helping and still counting their days as working days.But there are families that after funerals they just giving schedule to their caregiver when and where to meet to settle their last obligations to workers.Sometimes even funerals they don't let the caregiver see the final resting place of her/his employer where they work day and night for how many numbers of years. So this is the end of everything for the good relationships between families and their caregivers. Very rare to families that after funeral they can still call or talk to their caregivers how is she going.Mostly employers relatives never remember the hardships or maybe I thought because they paid it all .


Anonymous August 27, 2009 at 8:42 AM  

hi vhing, hows your day there in israel? hope youre doing fine

zuveena August 29, 2009 at 8:06 PM  

interesting information...

Rami September 3, 2009 at 11:07 AM  

At me'od merageshet Ba'ctiva shelach. TODA,Rami

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