Visiting DOME of the ROCK!

>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

YouTube, air craft carrier tube and here is the lumber Dome tube!!.2X6(thick/wide-inch) lumber built as a tube service way to go inside the vicinity of the dome.There is no way or no one can escape here if you are already inside . lol.

Raising my hand to the side of the wishing wall and on the other side is where the sun shines to where we entered the main entrance of the western wall. Under my feet is the place where sometimes on tv news of something they dig for another history and discoveries.Imagine what I'm saying here - we are in Israel's territory and we are going to the Palestinian Arabs Holy Sites. Confusing!? and even do I . Please don't ask me more, thanks.
You will passed this Israeli Soldier guards but there is still in front of us ***the scanner room then before these is the first groups of guards. So don't try to bring any sharp item even the needle.okey?
End of that tube is this on the right side . While my groups are questioned of the looks they're wearing , so.. it is prohibited to roam around the place. Guards on that center point of the area instructed us to go the left side.....
...and here it is to rent some clothing just to cover the open area **the neckline and sleeveless wears. hmmpp...we stuck for half or more hours there that my companions decided not to go anymore. 80 shekels /pc (29$ est.) Last resort was I am the one who made deal until we reach to 10 shekels each (2.5$)'s bargaining words ...we are not a tourist millionaire to visit here, we are just caregivers and how much salary we have ? the lowest salary according their law, we are not the white collar job workers here, so...our budget is only that amount while in fact we will return the clothing before we go out and there is no re-reimbursement for it . Am I right folks?....(wa-is gyud ini!medyo napaganda lng ang pag explain ko sa hebrew ko cguro)
Yeheyy...we are here in front of the golden dome that usually seen on tv news .Look what are the attire of my three companions . They are not allowed to go around or they must leave the area without that costume they rented. owwssss... looks funny.So don't wear blouses with open front and back. I said this is a Holy Arab Sites and we are still lucky that they did not wrapped our eyes or our head. ngeee...If what ever policies , I will still go on to see the place ,hehehehe.
This is not the parking area and never could any vehicles enter the area. I turn around looking the edge of every corner walls they put up here and its a wide wide place to visit.I can't imagine seeing on tv news few years back when Palestinian President Arafat came here that this outside grounds and inside of the dome filled with peoples. Of course they are from Arabs families praying and praising Arafat's visits here. This area under my eye estimates is more than or more or less ten hectares or I don't know how wide to filled peoples that even throwing needles can not drop the ground . That was seen on the web satellite image before. Now I'm here where those Arabs came from and in what , where gates they walked through until they got inside.? Deep thoughts if you are here folks.
Behind me are prayers they said written in Arabic word. There is string around to avoid tourist stepping the spotted place . See that small piece of carpet where they knelled down during their prayers.
Did you see that old woman upstairs wearing in black? They have here also- the beggar!.
This is another group of tourist from Mexico , I asked one of them after their tour guide finished explaining about the place. We don't have tour guide and no need to get one!lol.
He is an Israeli tour guide greet me on his way up to the dome and we are going down from the dome.He greeted and ask me few words using Hebrew language and behind us are his tourists visitors.
We are in the half way of this wide area of the dome , here is the lower or the lower plaza and there is another building over there but we did not checked maybe next time .We need to go to another area to visit.
At last we are all outside of the DOME!! This is one way going to the western wall. It is also called as the old city of Jerusalem where most tourists go shopping for souvenirs.

What I'm saying here are the things that I saw during my visits. For history and other informations just click "Dome" above.You can inlarge all images also here.


shaine August 19, 2009 at 11:11 AM  

pwd pala pumasok jan te, di ko alam hehehe, kelan ayo punta jan?

Dhemz August 19, 2009 at 1:28 PM  

oh my...ganda naman ng place teVHing...super saya nyo sa pic....:)

hahhaha...natataranta ako sa IM mo te....kakaloka tong photobucket....hehehe!

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